Hollywood Principle talk “Colors” in an Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

The music video for “Colors” just dropped from Hollywood Principle and it’s one that can’t be missed.

The song pulls listeners in with Kayla Hope‘s mesmerizing vocals and doesn’t let go. “Colors” packs an emotional punch that will leave fans thinking about Hope’s haunting performance for a long time to come.

GIGsoup recently caught up with Elliott Sencan from Hollywood Principle to talk about “Colors,” and what fans can expect from the talented trio in 2018.

Thanks for taking the time to chat Elliott. How did the three of you come together to form Hollywood Principle?

We came together through mutual friends. In San Diego, we have a pretty deep group of musicians all trying to make their mark. The three of us happened to all have complimentary tastes, and through meeting each other, we ‘gave it a shot’ and Hollywood Principle was born. Well–it was called Unreal in the early days. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

I have a fond place in my heart for California even though I am a born and raised New Yorker.  What are some of your favorite memories that you have of the state?

California is paradise. We have lots of memories stemming from beach days enjoying the sun, riding motorcycles, desert camping, beach camping, and going downtown to shows or bars. It’s hard to pick the favorites. 

Ain’t that the truth. You just sold me on a vacation to the West Coast. You did a lot of music for the game, Rocket League. What was that experience like for you?

It’s been a blessing to us. It’s helped launch our band out of obscurity, and we are looking to showing our fans all the new music we have in store for them. The fan following we have garnered from Rocket League was magical. As any musician will tell you, the first time someone recognizes your song, or sings along, it makes you feel like it was all worth it. We get the joy of seeing and hearing that in twitch streams, in people’s living rooms, and on youtube videos. It’s been incredible.

…And to think you are just getting started! Let’s talk about the new EP coming out.  What was your creative process like?

We started with demos. Lots and lots of demos. We narrowed it down to the five tunes that expressed our creative vision at the time, and then started flushing out the production with as many real instruments as possible. It has been a goal line for us to try to make our projects more organic. We’ve never really been strictly EDM producers.

Speaking of EDM, The song “Colors” is a little bit different from what you were doing in the past.  How did that transition happen?

“Colors” was originally a much more produced, uptempo idea. We stripped it down to the moody piece it is because we had never done anything like that before. We wanted to create a tune that was about Kayla’s soul, and not about the production. The song is stripped down, bare, and honest. When you produce a lot of ‘bangers’ and bigger tracks, it feels risky to do something so simplistic–which is exactly why we did.

The title track “Colors” is about someone close to Kayla, who she felt was slipping away due to addiction. We also felt that the album is a vast array of musical colors. From Organic Pop/Indie EDM with “Trippin On You,” Electro R&B with “If Only,” Hip Hop with “Blind,” Metal with “Want It,” and Orchestral with “Colors,” it embodies the essence of what the EP is; a palate of colors.

Before I let you go, what are your plans for Hollywood Principle in 2018?

We are always looking to step up our game. Learning from past lessons and applying to future goals. Another EP is already in the works, and then we are hoping to find new ways to reach out and engage our fans. Stay tuned!

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All pictures were provided as a courtesy from Right Angle PR.