GIGsoup have championed the Hinds cause for a couple of years now. The Spanish quartet are masters of the touring scene and earlier this year released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Leave Me Alone’.

After almost constant touring over the past 12 months the girls are now back in Madrid and looking forward to a well earned seasonal break. GIGsoup writer (and HUGE fan of the band) Ian Bourne caught up with Amber Grimbergen to discuss collaborations, Pedro Almodovar and plans for 2017…

Hi, have you managed to get some rest now you’re at home in Spain?

Not really, we are still working haha the real rest comes with the real holidays

Collaborations gave been quite a big thing recently. You had Joel Amey from Wolf Alice on drums at the end of the last gig. Do you think you will do any collaborations with Wolf Alice or any other band?

Maybe when we finish the second album we have time to think about things like that, but it’s something we’ve always dreamed about

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Who are your favourite 10 bands/musicians at the moment, excluding Los Nastys and The Parrots as we know you love them?

1. The Growlers
2. Twin Peaks
3. Public Access TV
4. Goodbye Honolulu
5. Together Pangea
6. Drake
7. Anderson .Paak
8. Sunflower Bean
9. Deerhunter
10. Skepta

Is it true that Amber is very clumsy (torpe)? What’s her worse mishap and how did it happen? Has anyone else had any accidents on tour? Was beer involved?

Yes it’s actually me answering this question haha and I truly am very clumsy…my worse accident actually happened right before going on our last EU/UK tour few weeks ago, I had to run to cross one of the biggest streets in Madrid and I fell over and broke my eyebrow, spent all night at the hospital with Ana, Ade and a good friend and finally ended up with 8 stitches haha, and yes, beer was involved

Is there always an after-party?

No, believe it or not sometimes we also like to sleep a little bit haha

Do you prefer festivals or headlining gigs?

Headlining festivals!!

You have more and more fangirls shouting out “I love you” and “We love Hinds”. Do you see yourselves as role models? Does it matter that you are four women, or would you prefer to keep gender out of it and just call yourself a group (like Savages) — not a *girl group* or *all-female four-piece*?

When we started the band we didn’t expect to find so many differences between how people see or treat all female bands from “normal” bands or bands formed by boys, they say “girlband” as if it was a gender of music and they used to compare Hinds to Haim and Warpaint just for being girls (cos the music has nothing to do with each others) and that’s something that has to change! so I guess that little by little we inspire other girls to do music and teach the world to not to get scared when they see a girl rocking on a stage

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Some of your lyrics are quite dark and heartfelt, but a lot of people think it’s all fun and laughter. Do you think people take you seriously enough?

I think many people doesn’t take us seriously “enough” cos we are young and (once again) girls, and we seem to be having a good time all the time, so that’s something that changes when we go on stage I think.

What do you say to people who say you are Spain’s biggest cultural export since Pedro Almodovar?

That they don’t know yet about the ham? haha I think we probably would say that they’re right!

When will Hinds be recording a new album? Is it true you may be recording it in March in the USA? Did you manage to write new songs on tour?

We may record some stuff in March but not in the USA hehe. We still are unable to write on tour, we need home, Madrid vibrations and sangria

Will Hinds be sticking to the lo-fi, DIY garage ethic? Or are you going to get experimental?

Ha wait for sitars and full orchestras this time.

Did Deers/Hinds *start* in 2011 or 2013 or 2014 (when Amber and Ade joined)? Would you ever change the name back to Deers if the lawyers for Canadian band The Dears let you?

I think all of those dates were starts for new big steps for the band, so I’d say it started in 2011 haha.
we love Hinds now, it has been too much of a hard decision and we had too much of a bad time when we had to change it that now we HAVE to love it haha (and we do 🙂 )

You only play ‘I’ll Be Your Man’ as the ending to ‘Chili Town’ and you never play ‘And I Will Send Your Flowers Back’ — why? and do you think that’ll change in the next tour? Will you ever play ‘Between Cans’ (aka ‘Baby’) again?

We sometimes still play Between Cans! it just depends of the show we wanna give to the people (the mood) and the hour of the day (if its a festival) . oh man I’d love to play And I’ll send your flowers back but for that we should rehearse the song and we don’t have time for that, but maybe next tour, who knows! 🙂

Hinds - Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

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