Heartless Releases “Nothing Less” and Talks About Plans for 2020

Profanity free rapper, Heartless, released a music video for his hit single “Nothing Less”. Produced by DopeBoyzMusic and recorded at For Dem Haters Productions Studio, the single is set in a classic club scene featuring Heartless’ quintessential smooth rap flows that walk the line between hip-hop and RnB. “All work and no play is no good a night out to the club on a Friday is perfect after a long work week making boss moves this song was inspired to relax a little and enjoy a night out with multiple bottles.” – Heartless

Read below to see what Heartless had to say about his new single and his plans for 2020.

In your words, what is “Nothing Less” about?

“Nothing Less” represents a new and improved standard for me as an artist. Moving forward, I’m going to make sure my brand and everything about it is nothing less than the best.

What’s your favorite lyrical line in the song?

“I’m from the city of steel come on you know what that mean, I move different then you other rappers no doubt I’ll succeed. Cause I’ve been blessed you know, plus I was raised in the streets.”

Tell us about the visual direction of the video. What do you hope it conveys?

Very clean and fun loving vibe. We hope it conveys the reality of stepping out on the weekend after a tough week of work to celebrate life and all it has to offer! #Nothingless

How does this single represent you as an artist

I’m hoping it brings more attention to me as an artist and the direction I’m moving my career in.

What can fans expect next?

I’m working on touring from March to November and I plan on shooting a video to my “We Made It” single in the summer time.

Lendell Black, ubiquitously known as Heartless, is an American rapper and hip-hop artist. Hailing from Pittsburgh and brought up in the Homewood area, Heartless was drawn to music from a young age. And to this day, his passion and devotion towards music has only deepened. Heartless is popularly known for his profanity-free and upbeat music, and according to some is another Bone Crusher in the making. However, according to Black, ” I have my own style”‘, which is rightly so as his music is known to strike a chord, thus making it a fulfilling yet exciting experience for his audience. The emerging artist has big plans for the future and aims to play live across the state and country, including his home city of Pittsburgh. Black is working hard, recording new songs and creating his own music with a fiery passion. Contrary to his stage name, Heartless has his heart in the right place. He has a sense of commitment and believes in giving back to the community, which is why he wishes to participate in philanthropic activities. He has expressed an interest in working with charitable causes, particularly with a Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD) association, as it hits close to home.

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