Although the Punk movement has experienced it’s wilderness years over the last decade or so, there are plenty of bands in 2017, hungry to fill the void left behind prior to it’s resurgence and many of them will be showcased at The Great Escape festival in May. Tunbridge Wells duo Slaves have enjoyed huge success since bursting through with debut album ‘Are you Satisfied?’ in 2015 and returned with follow up ‘Take Control’. Slaves return to The Great Escape this year which helped them along their journey to headline this year which can only encourage the numerous Punk bands hoping to catch the eye in Brighton next month. One of those is Blackwaters, Carl Barat’s new favourite band. The Libertines guitarist has taken Blackwaters under his wing, working with them in the studio and they are set to support both Barat’s Jackals and The Libertines this year.

Fresh off the back of releasing new single ‘Fuck Yeah’, the Surrey band spoke to Ben Bowman ahead of The Great Escape and revealed the bands that they cannot wait to see and much more.

How does it feel to be playing The Great Escape 2017?

We never played it before so we are buzzin’. Heard very good things and a festival in Brighton sounds very appealing.

What do you know about the festival?

First thing that springs to mind is variation. Always felt that Great Escape doesn’t tend to stick to one genre which is cool. It’s also in Brighton where weirdly, we have only played once considering its so close to home.

What can we expect from your set at The Great Escape?

Energy. We always bring a fuck load of energy to everything we do as well as big sing-along choruses. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we just wanna have a laugh with the crowd instead of creating that ‘us and them’ mentality. Think that’s all a bit cocky in our view.

What do you know about the other acts playing this year and who would you like to check out?

Seen Cosmo Pyke and Slutface once before and would like to see them again. Yellow Days are also a must. Wound up in the same pub as Isaac from Slaves on new years so will probably go see them now that we are best friends and all. The Moonlandingz sound super cool as well. Very Lou Reed at times so I know Max will be there.

What is the best thing about Brighton? / Have you been to Brighton?

We fucking love Brighton. Used to go there all the time as a kid. The green outside the pavilion is probably our favourite hang out spot. In the summer it’s chill as fuck, if only the seagulls would piss off.  

What were you doing this time last year?

James was at the cup final between Palace and United. Palace lost and it was shit. Least it wasn’t a long trip for united fans considering they’re local and all. Would have much rather been chilling at TGE put it that way.

When you go to the beach what can you not go without? Sunglasses, Pennies for the slot machines? A Ball of some sort?

We’re suckers for the slot machines so we always try and go down broke to avoid spending. I’d like to think we’d be brave enough to tackle the water so probably some trunks even though we’ll most likely back out last minute.

What is the best seaside holiday you’ve been on?

Hastings on James’s birthday last year. Not so much a holiday but we played Fat Tuesday and it was awesome. Just people and bands running around from venue to venue all night and a big fuck off after party. Solid.

What’s your favourite thing to get from the Ice Cream Van?

As a collective I think we’d be boring and go for a 99 flake cos we like to think you can’t beat a classic. Shove a bit of strawberry sauce and sprinkles for added effect.

What are your plans for the rest of the Summer?

Playing a fuck load of festivals. Around the 10 mark at the minute which is awesome cos there really is nothing better. Then apart from that just writing when we can and focusing on getting out of Guildford. The band are moving out, new chapters and all that.

Tickets are selling fast for The Great Escape, for more information on tickets and for the full lineup,  click the picture below.

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