Camden Rocks In Their Own Words – Oxygen Thief / HVMM

Oxygen Thief and HVMM will be appearing at Camden Rocks Festival later this year. Oxygen Thief play an acoustic or electric version of themselves with varying degrees of volume from loud all the way up to eleven (and have a penchant for band t shirts). HVMM are both talented and terrifying, imagine a blues inspired steampunk hipster with a pickaxe trying to bury a guitar but with better tunes. We chatted to Jack Timmis, bass player with HVMM and Barry Dolan the driving force behind Oxygen Thief about Camden bus stops and the durability of Doc Martens.

When did your relationship with Camden start? 

(BD) I’ve been going to Camden since I was a teenager; any time I went to London I would always head straight there and go to the market, grab a slice of pizza, and look longingly at all the Dr Martens, goth/punk clothing, and root through the 2nd hand cd shops. 

(JT) As individuals we have all dipped our toes in Camden’s water. Mostly through gigs and visiting the market!

Have you played in Camden before?

(JT) The first time we played was The Monarch, late last year. That was another Camden Rocks showcase, so we have the festival to thank for introducing us to this part of the city.

(BD) Many a time – The Monarch is our label Xtra Mile’s spiritual home. This will be our 2nd time at Camden Rocks as a band lineup, and my 4th in total as I’ve played acoustic twice.


What was your reaction when you knew you would be playing there this year?

(JT) Real excitement. It’s a great platform whenever you’re invited to play in London, so we’re geared up and ready for the day!

(BD) Fist pumps and metal horns all round.

From the initial announcement of bands who are you looking forward to seeing?

(JT) There are so many bands on the bill, that we are just looking forward to being surprised. That’s the beauty of a festival.

(BD) Orange Goblin and Hey! Hello! – I’ve not seen OG for years, and I’m a massive Ginger Wildheart fan so H!H! are a must watch, hopefully we’ll not end up clashing, as I seem to have done so with Ginger the last couple of years! (we presume this means set times, not fisticuffs – GIGsoup)

Have you been to Camden Market, what did you buy?

(JT) Some rather pungent incense…

(BD) Many times…and many things – my favourite ever purchase was a bright orange pair of Dr Martens, over 10 years ago. Still going strong.

Which Camden venue is the best to play at?

(JT) So far we have loved The Monarch. Nothing like being watched from behind by a bus stop.

(BD) I’ve not played all of them yet, so couldn’t possibly rate them! The Monarch is always a joy.

Why should I, as a gig goer make an effort to see you guys at Camden this year?

(BD) Well, we’re not playing many shows this year so it’ll be one of very few chances to catch us live…plus we do a crushing cover which mashes up Elvis Presley ‘Jailhouse Rock’ and Rage Against The Machine ‘Killing in the Name’

(JT) Our brand new EP will be on preorder, so HVMM will be cranking out new material, as well as all of your favourites!

Plenty of reasons to catch these guys live in the summer and you can always get a bus if they’re playing the Monarch.

Camden Rocks Festival 2017 is on June 3rd tickets here:

Camden Rocks


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