Yes, that’s right – the biggest festival in the world for discovering new music kicks off just next week. Thousands of people will flock to Brighton in the hope of falling in love with their new favourite band, while hundreds of artists hope that The Great Escape will take them to the next level in their career.

The Great Escape festival is unique in it’s own right, much like Hannah Georgas, one of Canada’s most successful alt-pop exports. Her vulnerable, exposing vocals coexist comfortably with layers of synths and saxophones that contribute to her iconic sound. Three albums deep, Georgas is no stranger to The Great Escape, playing the festival three years ago and now the Toronto born star is back for more.

Latest record For Evelyn was released in 2016 and this year, Georgas will start work on a new album, not before she heads down to Brighton next week and we caught up with her before she does exactly that.

How does it feel to be playing The Great Escape 2017

I’m really excited to come back and play the Festival again!

What do you know about the festival?

I played The Great Escape 3 years ago and had a blast.  Brighton feels so magical and I’ve always enjoyed getting the opportunity to explore the town every time I’m there.

What can we expect from your set at The Great Escape?

I’m performing a lot of songs off my latest album For Evelyn.  I’m enjoying playing live and it feels empowering to perform these songs with my band.  I’ve gone through some growing pains with my live performance but it feels like a different place for me now.  It feels really good being on stage.

What do you know about the other acts playing this year and who would you like to check out?

I would like to check out Alex Cameron if I can.  My friend’s group is playing and I would like to see his project Dahlia Sleeps.  I also just saw that Mo Kenney is playing too!

What is the best thing about Brighton? / Have you been to Brighton before?

I think two major highlights for me are walking along the boardwalk.  It’s so cool.  It reminds me of the movie Big with Tom Hanks for some reason.  I also love checking out The Royal Pavilion because it’s so majestic and enormous.

What were you doing this time last year?

I was getting ready to release For Evelyn.  I was putting my live show together and running around Toronto trying to get it all sorted out.  I also found my new home where I currently live in Toronto too.

When you go to the Beach what can you not go without? Sunglasses, Pennies for the slot machines? A Ball of some sort?

Sunscreen!  I burn.

What is the best seaside holiday you’ve been on?

My favourite place in the entire world is Hawaii.  It makes my skin and my mind feel good.  I’d love to live there someday.

What’s your favourite thing to get from the Ice Cream Van?

Dip cone.

What are your plans for the rest of the Summer?

I have summer festival dates in Canada and I’m also working on a new album!

Tickets are selling fast for The Great Escape, for more information on tickets and for the full lineup,  click the picture below.www.gigsoupmusic.com

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