This week marked the beginning of May, a time of year which sees Spring transcend into Summer as the nights get longer meaning only one thing. Festival season is right round the corner and with The Great Escape just two weeks away, hundreds of bands across the country and the world are itching to dip their toes into the Brighton sea. With plenty of local talent on show, many will be accustomed to the chilly nature of the South Coast, just ask Our Girl. The Brighton natives are heading back to The Great Escape for the third year running and will be playing Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar on the Saturday with The Magic Gang, Dream Wife and Abattoir Blues as part of the Cannibal Hymns showcase.

It will no doubt be an emotional occasion for the trio when returning to the iconic festival as it serves as somewhat of a reminder to where it all started, while catching up with old friends and being unable to escape from the engulfing, warm TGE community. When chatting to GIGsoup’s Ben Bowman – Lauren, Soph and Josh revealed what they simply cannot go to the seaside without and the bizarre, yet fairly modest reasons why they have been unable to make it to The Great Escape in the past. Yes, Jury Duty does still apply if you are in a band and yes, it does suck.

How does it feel to be playing The Great Escape 2017?

Lauren – Feels great, always love visiting Brighton.

Soph – Yeah really good, we love Brighton. And we’re playing the Cannibal Hymns show which means we’ll be in the best company.

Josh – I can’t wait ! Looking forward to having the city abuzz – don’t think that’s a word – with life, and being part of it all.

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What do you know about the festival?

Lauren – Erm, I guess we know it pretty well, I’ve been the past few years and we’ve played the last two years as well.

Soph – It’s great!! Loads of amazing bands always playing, and there’s the alternative escape as well which you don’t need a wristband for. And normally lots of house shows too.

What can we expect from your set at The Great Escape?

Lauren – Some laughs, some tears.

What do you know about the other acts playing this year and who would you like to check out?

Soph – Our brilliant friend Marika Hackman is playing so we’ll definitely watch her. Same with The Japanese House, Abattoir Blues and The Magic Gang!!

Josh – Agreed ! Also looking forward to hopefully discovering some new bands.

What is the best thing about Brighton? / Have you been to Brighton before?

Lauren – Best thing about Brighton is the sea and also the great community vibe amongst bands based here. Everyone is super supportive and there’s a lot of collaborations between the musicians here.

Soph – Yeah, totally. Josh lives there and I used to live there, so lots of our friends are there still and most of them are in bands that we often play with. It’s an amazing environment, I feel very lucky to be part of it. Our Girl was born out of it really!

Josh – I like the parks at the moment, lots of nice spaces.

What were you doing this time last year?

Lauren  – I was actually doing Jury Service last Great Escape and then I came down to Brighton on the Saturday to play a couple of gigs. Jury service is the worst, honestly, it’s dreadful.

Josh – I was at a stag do which was great but it meant I missed Great Escape – looking forward to being back at it this year.

When you go to the Beach what can you not go without? Sunglasses, Pennies for the slot machines? A Ball of some sort?

Lauren – I’d take my dogs if possible, also got to have pennies for the slot machines!

Soph – Yeah I’d like to take your dogs, and mine! And water and sandwiches and beer and fruit salad and a portable BBQ. Oh and those wooden bats and a bouncy ball.

Josh – Frisbee and some trunks, skimmable stones.

What is the best seaside holiday you’ve been on?

Lauren – My grandparents would take us to Great Yarmouth when we were small, that was the best. Such wholesome holidays, really good memories of happy times.

Josh – A long time ago I went on a holiday all around the La Rochelle area in France – beautiful.

What’s your favourite thing to get from the Ice Cream Van?

Lauren – Obviously a 99 flake, the most delicious ice cream!

Soph – Yeah, a classic. But for me it’s probably a twister! Or a Maxibon if I’m feeling wild.

Josh – 99 ! without the flake though.

What are your plans for the rest of the Summer?

Lauren – I’m going away to France and Italy for a bit. We’re going to be playing some festivals, oh and we’ll also get started recording our debut album.

Soph – Yeah, looks like we’ll be starting recording our album! It’s been a long time coming, it feels really exciting.

Josh – A few small trips around the country and yes, recording!

Tickets are selling fast for The Great Escape, for more information on tickets and for the full lineup,  click the picture below.

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