The Great Escape ‘In Their Own Words’ – Callum Beattie

Many of the world’s most decorated songwriters attribute their colourful writing style to inspiration, something that they have seen or perhaps something that they have encountered. In this case, it is slightly different. Edinburgh born and raised singer-songwriter Callum Beattie is one of few people who literally see music and sounds as colours and shapes, a rare condition is called synesthesia. But Beattie sees his condition as somewhat of a blessing in disguise, setting him apart and allowing the synesthesia to open up a whole new world of creativity. The honesty and euphoria found in his lyrics are what make him such an exciting prospect and have earned him a slot at The Great Escape Festival next month. He played the iconic Brighton festival last year and is set to make a triumphant return after just releasing his debut EP, ‘We Are Stars’.

GIGsoup’s Ben Bowman caught up with the singer-songwriter to reflect on previous sun-kissed trips to the British seaside, what he has got in store for the rest of the summer and much more. Also, if anyone can find an Irn Bru Ice Lolly, do not hesitate to get in contact with Callum’s Management team, although something suggests that they aren’t Brighton’s most famous delicacy.

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How does it feel to be playing The Great Escape 2017?

I’m really honoured to be playing Great Escape for the second year running. There’s a lot of amazing bands on the line up and I’m grateful to be part of it. I can’t wait to hit the stage!

What do you know about the festival?

I believe TGE is Europe’s number 1 festival for new music! It gives artists like myself a chance to get noticed. It’s amazing to see so many people turning up to see new artists they’ve never heard of then becoming fans by the end of the night.

What can we expect from your set at The Great Escape?

Since releasing my debut single ‘We Are Stars’ last month I’ve been rehearsing non-stop with my band to get in shape. It’s sounding really exciting. You can expect my set to be full of energy and pretty anthemic from start to finish.

What do you know about the other acts playing this year and who would you like to check out?

I’d like to catch John Joseph Brill and Gabrielle Aplin and no doubt I’ll discover some hidden gems along the way!

What is the best thing about Brighton? / Have you been to Brighton before?

Brighton is a really diverse, creative city full of inspiring people! Every time I’ve been here the sun has been at its best. Coming from Scotland it feels like I’m in the Mediterranean at times. It’s just perfect.

What were you doing this time last year?

This time last year I was running round Brighton trying to find factor 50. I sought refuge in the church where I later performed an acoustic set. Was a memorable a day.

When you go to the Beach what can you not go without? Sunglasses, Pennies for the slot machines? A Ball of some sort?

Sunglasses of course and a pair of red shorts for the Hasselhoff effect.

What is the best seaside holiday you’ve been on?

I went surfing in Newquay last year with friends but I couldn’t get standing on the board. I resorted to some sort of weird kneeling breast stroke movement. Overall It was a really great weekend full of laughs.

What’s your favourite thing to get from the Ice Cream Van?

I’m not sure if they do Irn Bru ice cream around Brighton but that was always my first choice as a kid.

What are your plans for the rest of the Summer?

I’ll be keeping myself busy releasing new music and touring as much as possible. It’s what keeps me smiling!

This is your daily reminder that tickets are selling fast for The Great Escape. For more information on tickets and for the full lineup,  click the picture below.