GERON – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

With her debut EP ‘Tainted’ out GERON is telling stories from personal experience. In the lyrics you will find the good, the bad, and the ugly or different relationships she has had. Her beautiful voice and songwriting make GERON a R&B act you need to listen to. The singer hopes that her experiences are ones that you can relate to, and that you can feel empowered listening to her music and chasing your dreams.

GIGsoup had the chance to sit down before GERON’s show at New York City’s SOB’s venue. Read the interview below as we talk a bit more about her EP, music being a comfort zone, and future things coming.

Hey there, thank you for sitting down with me! Just checking on the pronunciation of your name. It’s Jur-ahn like Geronimo minus the imo?

Geron: Right without the MO! (laughs)

Perfect, I am glad I have that down. Your EP ‘Tainted’ just dropped this week, that’s exciting! How has that been?

Geron: Yeah it dropped last Friday! It has been really good so far!

And this is your debut?

Geron: Yes this is it! This is what i’ll be performing tonight.

The EP is great, I am excited to hear it tonight. I read a little bit about you and your background. Your parents are both in the military and you lived in a few different cities and moved around. What role did music play during that time?

Geron: Music was definitely there a lot for me as we moved. It was my little comfort zone. No matter like where I moved I always had my piano with me. So I would just come home from school and play the piano or write a song. If I had a bad day – write about it, if I had a good day – write about it.

You mentioned the piano and you have been playing and performing music from a young age. You started in kindergarten, now all of my friends that took piano hated and dreaded going to piano. Was this ever the case for you? and when did you really know you loved music?

Geron: No literally as soon as I got into piano I feel like every time I had practice or rehearsal I was excited. I loved it! Then every time I would come home from a rehearsal I would just practice. When I actually stopped and I moved away from that my teacher had me write down the last song I learned, which was ‘Twinkle Twinkle’. But it was this really intense version of the song. So she like wrote down all the notes for me and then as soon as I got it I went home and I learned it and I moved away and I always have that memory like to this day I still play that rendition.

What is the difference as you have performed from a very young age and then tonight where you are debuting your EP of all songs that you wrote yourself?

Geron: Honestly it just shows me how far I’ve come. Starting off I was really nervous, it was church so I was sharing this solo with another girl so like a duet. When my parts would come on and having her there it was ‘Oh okay this is my part. Okay sure.’ But now that I am writing my own songs it is a little bit different because I feel like people are kind of judging me on stage, they are judging my lyrics, and my music. It is exciting though.

What can you say about your lyrics. A lot of them are personal to you and feelings from relationships?

Geron: Yes I definitely take an interest in relationships to write about this round. But they are all pretty personal to me. I put the good, the bad, the ugly and shoved them into this EP. (laughs) And then we’ll see where the next one goes.

Do you have a favorite lyric from ‘Tainted’?

Geron: Honestly I think it may be from ‘Love Again.’

Oh that was my favorite of the EP.

Geron: Was it really? That song was really easy for me to write. Now I’m just trying to think of one specific lyric from it. Probably ‘I just wanna be loved, I’m just worried bout us’

Talking about your songs. My first three interviews I noticed I asked the same question, so I have kind of made a habit of it. So I love karaoke and I found a song of yours that I would really want to get up and sing karaoke to ‘TBH’ is a perfect karaoke song at least for me…

Geron: Really? (laughs)

Yes absolutely. But what about you? Do you like karaoke? What would your go-to song be?

Geron: Oh I know it will be a Beyonce song. Beyonce all the way. I’m going to pick a ballad. I like ‘1+1’ by her or ‘Smash Into You’. Very singy songs.

You talked about seeing what is next after Tainted and that being primarily relationships. What is next for GERON after releasing the EP?

Geron: I have already started writing, so I am already starting on my second EP. Which is a little less about relationships and a little more about me. So hopefully it is a little bit happier I guess you could say (laughs) bring some of the good times to the music. So yeah it is the same kind of vibe but definitely songs that are going to be more about me, my life, and possibly my struggles and we’ll see.

What is something that will surprise people about you from your music?

Geron: Um I think a lot of my experiences. A lot of people see I’m always really happy and smiling and really joyful, so I think that when they really dig deep and kind of pull apart my lyrics they’ll kind of be like ‘Oh she has really been through some things.’ So hopefully they can relate to me on those levels.

And what would you want people to feel from your music?

Geron: Empowered. Strong like you can make it through anything as long as you keep chasing your dreams you can get there.

Well thank you so much for your time. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Geron: I’m really glad you were here. I appreciate this interview. Thank you for having me!

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