Ferris and Sylvester – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

What better way to kick start your day than with a quick chat with Ferris and Sylvester. The London based duo, Archie and Issy, have supported the likes of George Ezra and their EP ‘Made in Streatham’ has been well received by fans and critics alike. GIGsoup caught up with them in London recently and talked festivals, Iceland and becoming a duo.

So you’ve just been on tour, amongst many other things, how has 2018 been?

Lots of eating sandwiches in the back of the car!

We’ve had a busy year – it’s not over yet. We’re on the road now, pretty much none stop until December. Highlights… it’s been difficult to think past Eric Clapton in Hyde Park. That was quite a bucket list moment. That was amazing.

Another highlight was playing Reeperbahn in Germany. It was our first time, it’s a big deal there. I actually had to be taken to hospital the night before and we’d had an odd couple of days.  We were really tired and not expecting much. When we got to the festival, it was actually one of the most amazing gigs we’ve ever done. It’s like anything in life, when something really catches you off guard and surprises you it’s the best feeling.

How did the band begin?

Issy and I first met, in a little bar in Camden, Spiritual Bar, one of the best small live music venues in London. We were having a drink and had only known each other a few weeks. I’d recently been to Iceland – it was so incredible. I wanted to go back and see the whole country. Issy mentioned she’s like to go, I thought, we’re going. That night we booked and went two months later.

It was really exciting for us. We went for a week and camped around the whole of Iceland. At the time we were still solo artists, but that’s where we talked seriously about being trying to make a career, the two of us. As a duo. That trip was the start of it all.

How did that trip impact the songs you’re writing?

It’s not necessarily geographical. I think with any form of writing, not just song writing, it’s often a state of mind.  It’s about how you felt when you went to that place, ate that food or saw what you saw. That first trip we went on we were so inspired by the whole thing.

It was like a bit of freedom. We were out of London, only just met, in a tiny car, driving around, having the best time. In fact we’ve been every summer since. We come back ready to song-write, ready to go again, even when it’s felt really hard. It’s a powerful place for us.

It did influence the sound of our latest single, ‘Burning River’. We took loads of inspiration from there and put these Icelandic chants into the song. For us, it’s an amazing place. You’ve got these Viking Chants being sung at football stadiums, and we thought, we’ve got to have some of that in our song. We’ve got to any homage to that. The song’s an attempt to record what we felt when we were there that time.

What are your hopes and aspirations as a band?

We want to take over the world! What we do want to do is to always write and perform music together. What we’ve always felt was really important for us is that we make the music that we want to make. That’s important for us as songwriters and as performers. When it’s what you love you don’t feel like you’ve been pulled in a certain way.  It just means more. It’s just the most amazing feeling to share that with the world, with your mum, with whoever. That’s pretty special.

If you’re making songs that make people feel something, I think you can’t aim for much than that. We’ll just see where that takes us.

Quick fire Questions

Forgive or ForgetForgive, definitely. Hard to forget, so just forgive.

Carrots or Kale?Carrots – mashed with butter/ parsley

Prince Harry or Harry KaneHarry Kane! Golden boot winner …..  No, Prince Harry – Legend!

Crisps or chocolateChocolate … Popchips

Melody or harmonyMelody