exedra (note the lower case E,  typography fans) have just released a beautifully low key four track EP – ‘Entropic’, following their debut album ‘Elemental’. Both are pretty much essential purchases for fans of experimental or ambient music. We caught up with the instrumental part of the duo – Darrall Knight and asked him a few pertinent questions while vocalist/lyricist  Jeremy Gluck, read his well-thumbed copy of ‘Howl and Other Poems’. And what do we discover? It’s a “Yes” to The Beach Boys, a “No” to MP3 and a “Maybe” to shoegazing…

So gentlemen, how did you get together?

In early 2012 I began recording some instrumental tracks in Mark Elliott’s EMP studio in Essex.  Jeremy got in touch, out of the blue, after hearing some earlier work of mine.

He started sending lyrics which I found fitted amazingly well into the musical ideas I had, so we made a plan to do an album.  The rest of 2012 was spent writing and recording the basics of about 20 tracks, some of which became the ‘Elemental’ album.

How do you describe your sound?

To me, it’s a modern day take on psychedelia, with my interest in ambient music, krautrock, and various other music styles, unconsciously mixed in.
Lyrically, Jeremy digs The Beats, Bob Dylan, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Hindu guru teachings, ETC.

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What’s in your record collections?

Some of Jeremy’s favourites  would be The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bowie, Brian Eno, Bill Nelson,Velvet Underground, The Stones, Suicide, The Who and lots of punk bands
I’m a fan of lots of 80’s alternative stuff, but it’s an endless list, really.

Is there anyone making music at the moment that’s making you take notice?

There should be as there’s tons of new music these days. We’ve both been really immersed in our own work for a few years, so we don’t seem to find the time to check out that much current music.

Can we expect a live Exedra performance anytime soon?

Our live work to date totals a few local radio live performances, a session for the ‘Rocker’ show at ‘Dandelion Radio’ in Bristol and three songs last summer in London at a ‘Nicky Sudden’ tribute evening.
We’ve mainly been concentrating on writing and recording. I would like to do a lot more live.  We do get asked about it fairly often, but it will depend on how much interest we get from the music we’re putting out.

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The word “shoegazey” has been used to describe you – does that make you happy or sad?

Probably a little of both!   Our ‘Elemental’ album has some tracks with guitar parts that ‘Shoegaze’ fans might appreciate -that said I think we lean a lot more towards psychedelia and krautrock when it comes to guitars. I don’t mind what areas people think we fit into. There’s no real plan.  It’s more a case of “if it feels good let’s do it”.

Artwork is obviously important to exedra – do you miss the enlarged canvas that LP records gave artists?

Yes. It never really went away but it’s great to see it making a return. We’re very lucky that Robin Cracknell allows us to use some of his beautiful art. Making albums the way we made ‘Elemental’ takes so much dedication, time, and hard work, that unless you find inspiring art to go with it,  I don’t see the point.  I thought the cover would make a great gatefold LP sleeve – maybe someone will agree with me one day.

Vinyl, CD or MP3?

It has to be vinyl and the now humble CD. MP3 is just not exciting enough for me. I like to have exedra releases available on CD not just download. We have a new digital distributor so that’s an area I’m hoping will improve for us in the future

Entropic EP is out now

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