Splendour In Nottingham 2015
Exclusive Splendour in Nottingham Festival 2015 Interview with 'Lawson'

Exclusive Splendour Festival 2015 Interview with ‘Lawson’

This ‘Splendour in Nottingham 2015’ article was written by Sarah Ebockayuk, a GIGsoup contributor

Nottingham’s Splendour Festival 2015 showcased a myriad of acts, old and new. One of the standout acts from the musical festivities were the well groomed quartet Lawson. Already kings of the live circuit – they’ve played Wireless, V Festival and supported the likes of Avril Lavigne and Jessie J – the band performed an electric set of old and new material. There was even a cover of Bob Marley’s ‘I Shot the Sherif’, which payed tribute to Jess Glyne, who is currently recovering from throat surgery and was due to headline this years Splendour.

Despite taking a break from touring to write and record their long awaited second album in Nashville, the band obviously felt this was an ideal opportunity to test-drive new material – considering they have a an upcoming performance at the iconic Troubadour in LA and a potentially career defining tour of America’s East Coast.

GIGsoup’s Sarah Ebockayuk caught up with the band to discus new material, advice on the industry and how they are not high maintenance…

Any other festivals lined up for the summer?

Yeah, we just did T in the park last weekend. We have one tomorrow in Manchester and when we get back from America we have V festival and we going to Gibralta! So yeah, we have a busy summer of festivals it’s great!

Any advice for any up and coming bands to get to where you are now?

Just enjoy yourself! Have fun! You only get to to do these sort of venues once. If you get to be really good you get to do them more than once, if you are no good enjoy it because you won’t get to do them again! (Laughs)

You guys had some time away from the industry, how does it feel coming back?

We hated the break, the break was the worst, nah tell a lie, we enjoyed writing music and making our album. It took us a long time to do that. No one has given us anything we have just been going in and writing and recording it and we are looking to go international. We have been working with an amazing producer called John Fields, so we really learnt a lot. So it is wicked to be back and playing new songs. We are actually playing a new song today that no one has ever heard before!

What have you got planned for the rest of 2015

We head to America on Monday. We have a sold out tour on the East Coast there for a couple of weeks. Then we head over to LA and perform at Troubadour which is an amazing venue and it is where Guns and Roses got signed. And loads of other stuff, just smashing radio at the moment. We are just really happy, Its exciting! So just touring over there then we have our second single out over here.

How do you balance the life of the band and performing with private lives?

We just get on with it! We are not high maintainance us boys! We just sort of crack on with it. We love it, we really enjoy it! So we never ever feel like we have to seperate anything. It is just our lives! So we just enjoy every minute!

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Exclusive Splendour in Nottingham Festival 2015 Interview with 'Lawson'