Exclusive Interview With Joel Christian on “Rise From The Grave”

Los Angeles based electronic-pop artist Joel Christian is emerging as an artist to watch with his latest single “Rise From The Grave”. With over 110K streams on Spotify and 11K+ followers on Instagram, Joel Christian is using his platform to create a dark-pop musical escape for those that need it, supporting the LGBTQ community and finding a niche where everyone comfortable belongs. “Rise From The Grave” embodies his platform as a song about the fear and anxiety that tries to weigh us down and bury us alive. Taking place in a boxing arena, the video shows Joel battling with his own anxieties and fears as a creative artist, showcasing both his flamboyant energy as a performance artist and the more aggressive, fearlessly ready to fight side – symbolizing that even some of the most aggressive places can breathe creativity and vulnerability. We were curious to hear more insight behind the single, so we sat down with Joel for a few exclusive questions. Read below to learn about his personal inspiration and find out what this fierce pop artist has planned next.

Tell us about the inspiration behind “Rise From The Grave”.

One night I was feeling extremely anxious, so I started watching a horror film haha, which is usually what I do when I am starting to overthink and get in my head. I started writing, and thought to myself “What if I wrote a song that showcased the battle between you and your fears but made it into a fun pop song!” That was the beginning of how I created the record. Taking horror ominous sounds, emotional lyrics, and my obsession for pop music and boom, it was born! 

What’s your favorite lyrical line in the single?

I love the chorus, “You need to run away before I rise from the grave.” I love it because it shows the power that you have over your emotional fears. I don’t want my anxieties or fear to bury me alive so I’m telling it to run away and I’m rising above it.

Can you share how the imagery of the video reflects the song? How does it reflect you as an artist

I wanted to create a video that had a storyline and performance element to bring the song to life. I wanted to shoot the video inside a boxing arena because that is an iconic place of anger, strength, and triumph. There are dual scenes of myself in the video. You have a fearless, flamboyant pop star performing throughout the arena and then you have another version of myself getting ready to fight somebody. Visually, I wanted it to look as if I was battling between my fears of being vulnerable but also being powerful. I think the video reflects me as an artist because I wrote the song and entire video to bring it to life. I’m really proud of it. 

What message do you hope your music ultimately conveys to fans?

I want my message to be simple: be whoever you want to be and never change who you are. For many years, I’ve been rejected as an artist, misunderstood and mistreated, but I never gave up. I want my fans to always feel safe in my music and get lost in it like I do every single day. 

What can fans expect next from Joel Christian?

I am currently working on my debut EP which I am so excited about. I’ve spent the last 6 months writing it and perfecting it to be a fantasy journey through dark electronic pop music. I love every song on the album and I can’t wait for people to hear them all. The next single will be released May 20th and more music & videos to follow after that! 

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