Acclaimed and prolific Glasgow singer-songwriter Daniel Meade is back with Rust, a brand-new album of timeless and richly varied AmericanaRust highlights Meade’s confident command of classic country songwriting, bar-room rock n’roll and folk introspection – all delivered for the first time in his earthy Scottish brogue. The new album follows BBC Radio support from Bob Harris, Ricky Ross and Roddy Hart and widespread press acclaim for his previous releases, and you can hear the echoes of some of the greats (Gram Parsons, Neil Young, Bob Dylan) in the bones of these finely-crafted new songs.

We sat down with Daniel as he talked us through each track on the new record, which you can hear on Spotify below now…

Anywhy AnyWhere AnyHow 

Started out as a bit of a tongue-in-cheek look at the current Country/Americana scene, turned out a little more accurate than anticipated! Intentionally stripped back & simple, it has my favourite opening line on any one of my albums.

These Things Happen

Wrote this en route home after a tour opening for The Proclaimers, so their influence lies heavy here. A look at the mess of Brexit/current politics in this country, defeatist and defiant in equal measure.. “Hope/faith has gone but I don’t care, these things happen”. All set to an upbeat soulful rock stride!

On The Line

A lo-fi fuzzy rocker dealing with my experience of giving up alcohol. Summing up the fears & feelings that come with getting sober, and trying to understand the many grips of addiction. When you’re dealing with something like that, every day feels like it’s all on the line.

Fanny Fanny Bang Bang

Long story short – a night out in Glasgow many moons ago, a drunk stranger spilled my drink, her boyfriend apologised, she called him and I a popular Glasgow term of endearment (found in the song’s title) & threatened to shoot us both with her thumb & index finger.. lovely stuff! The song pretty much wrote itself after that with a little artistic licence, a heady combination of menace and fun.

Funny How The World Turns

Its one of the poppier song on the record, I believe I’d been on an Edwyn Collins back catalogue trawl month and was written with his voice in mind! It was written on one of those days when you’re just not sure what any of it’s all about. I think my wife was away for the weekend and I got a little bored feeling sorry for myself, so wrote this as a kind of self deprecating pick me up. Went a bit ‘Penny Lane’ with the solo!

Dreams Grow On Trees

Bit of a waltz, lots of lush instrumentation and lyrical imagery here, not sure what it’s about but I quite like that as every line means something in itself to me. The backing vocal overdubs were a mission, I think there’s 6 harmonies in the response and each one was layered at least 5 times to get the choir effect! Pleased with how this turned out, worth the slog.

Same Kinda Crazy

An old-fashioned love story with a modern lyric, with the vibe set to late 50’s / early 60’s. The guitar riff, throwaway vocal sample and simple piano chords set the tone. Originally written as a duet but evolved into a more one sided perspective on finding a true love, perhaps that’s a metaphor in itself..

Workin’ On An Old Song

The only solo acoustic track on the album, quite literally what it says on the title. I’d written about half the lyrics a few years ago and done nothing with them, so I came back to it last year. Once the title idea was there the rest came very quickly, and it’s one of my favourites. What you hear on the album is the first and only take I did which is pretty cool.


The sentiment of Rust is simple.. when all is said and done, how will we have made each other feel at the end of it all. An old rock n roll-feel guitar riff and honky-tonk piano drives this and it’s one of the strongest choruses on the album, a good singalong affair. Think of The Rolling Stones on Dead Flowers/Faraway Eyes.

Another Conversation

A bit of a rocker to close the album, influenced by the bluesier elements of Gerry Rafferty, Muddy Waters, The Rolling Stones etc. Lyrically about trying to understand a failing relationship, and in the end just getting out while you can, it’s all you can do! Very much riff led with some old school boogie woogie piano to excite things. Had about 8 electric guitar tracks on this at one point but I managed to whittle it down to 3 for the final mix.

Daniel Meade is an acclaimed songwriter from Scotland with a back catalogue rich in roots and country blues music. He’s toured and worked with The Proclaimers, Ocean Colour Scene, Sturgill Simpson, Old Crow Medicine Show (some of whom invited him to make an album in Nashville in 2014), Diana Jones, Pokey LaFarge and Robbie Fulks to name just a few. Rust is the 9th release in 8 years from the constantly creative musician and offers his most fully realised and memorable set of songs yet.

Find Daniel Meade at twitter.com/dmeademusic, instagram.com/dmeademusic and facebook.com/danielmeademusic now.

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