Cambridge rockers Sweet Crisis trade in the kind of bluesy, solo-heavy, classic rock songs that you didn’t realise you needed in 2020. With so much of modern Rock sounding airbrushed and laced in pop and EDM, they’re a throwback to the times when bands could jam all night, craft tunes with big choruses and still find time to party afterwards. Their new single, Rollin’ In It, is below on YouTube – we caught up with guitarist Piers Mortimer and chatted all things Rock, their local scene and future plans.

Welcome to GigSoup! Tell us all about the new single, Rollin’ In It.

Rollin’ In it has an amazing story and connection to the lyrical content about an incident in life. It’s a bit of a Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels type of movie story that only happens once in your life. It’s about having no money, and then becoming rich quickly but still being humble and just ‘rolling’ on with it!

I can hear a mix of influences in your sound – can you tell us about some of your favourite musicians and how they’ve shaped your style and songwriting?

Gary Clark Jr and The Black Keys both represent something very laid back within rock music that’s been a huge pinnacle and inspiration into creating songs. It’s just nice to hear stuff that feels like it has soul and smoothness to it. For me, some writing is more about a vibe and not always about the end song – I think having a catchy chorus is also something that we aspire to. Lyrically I feel that Jimi Hendrix is my biggest inspiration because he talks about stuff like it’s a dream, and it makes my brain one, then two, wonderful spaces. In regards to when we put songs together as a full band, I like to think the two bands that most represent what we do are Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. That’s down to the nature of when we come together organically – also not forgetting Free, who I would say are my most inspirational band of all time. They had classic blues rock vocals, amazing guitar from Kossoff, and just an outstandingly different and tight bass and drum unit which I feel our guys channel quite well.

You’re based in Cambridge – can you give us an insider’s view on the city? Where should we be drinking/eating/seeing bands play?

Cambridge has some pretty good spots for eating and drinking but you have to seek them out. Something simple like the market square has got some good little cheese vendors and all sorts of nice little snacks. Then you have something like The Pint Shop which is more gastro pub style with a really interesting list of beers. Lastly, if you want something very very nice to eat I would definitely recommend trying to go to Restaurant 22 as it’s simply stunning. Mill Road has lots of grimy bruises on it and you’ll find lots of musicians and odd people wondering about – they’re pretty good fun!

How do you see Rock fitting into the modern music landscape – is there still a place for loud guitars in the streaming era?

Rock n roll always be recycled in the world we live in, however I do feel that the radio now is strongly dominated by pop music which usually consists of a trap-style beat with an Auto-Tune vocal and quite synthetic production. Rock is pure, and done properly it was be much longer-lasting, especially at festivals where people just lose themselves in the music. It’s just a shame that the younger generation don’t get enough exposure to rock music and feel like it’s becoming an older person’s thing. We’re trying to open doors to younger people being able to listen to blues rock and enjoy it and get excited by it, especially as in the new songs we’ve got coming this year there are some strong pop hooks and catchy choruses.

What’s next for Sweet Crisis in 2020?

We just had an amazing few gigs on a great tour, but we’re trying to concentrate mainly on the body of work that we’re buidling and the new songs that will follow. We’re very excited about our debut album, and we’re still stockpiling old and new songs together to try and make the best possible body of work to show everyone who has supported us along the way. We’ll be playing lots of festivals and live shows, and then just getting out of England and trying to hit Europe, Japan, America.

Find Sweet Crisis at facebook.com/sweetcrisisbandtwitter.com/sweetcrisisband and instagram.com/sweet_crisis now.