Exclusive GIGsoup Interview – NORPHLET

US alt-rock duo NORPHLET are back with a brand new three track EP, The Weatherman, and a new single Fingers Crossed. Drawing on elements of emo, hardcore, pop-punk and college rock, they’re the kind of band where there’s always more going on than simple rock-out riffs or MTV ready choruses – this is considered, literate, left-of-centre rock that rewards repeated listening.

Fans of REM, Frightened Rabbit & City & Colour will find plenty to love here. Check out Fingers Crossed on YouTube below, and find the EP on Spotify/Apple Music now.

We chatted to Cody and Taylor from the band about their new releases and their musical exploits so far…

Tell us about your new single Fingers Crossed – how does it fit in the context of the new EP?

“Fingers Crossed” is the second of three songs on our new EP, “The Weatherman”, that while remaining true to the EP’s sound as a whole, acts as a breather in terms of pace, between two more upbeat, heavier tracks.  Lyrically, it’s in line with the thematic core of the EP, touching on loss, isolation and mortality, with a hopeful stance on one of life’s greatest questions.

What’s been the journey of the band so far?

Shortly after college and the disbanding of our previous project, Taylor moved from Texas to LA to pursue a career in the film industry.  Despite the distance now involved, the idea of another collaboration remained something we talked about from time to time, if for no reason other than to keep our friendship strong and continue doing something we both love.  Throughout this I began slowly piecing together rough ideas that I felt had promise and began sending them to Taylor for feedback.  After a few back and forths, songs started to take shape, and we decided to put them out independently as nothing more than a passion project.  We tracked 5 songs in late 2017 at my home in Texas, and released them, with no expectations, as our debut EP.  We released it in May of 2018, and were met with resounding positive feedback, leading us continue writing new music and promoting NORPHLET as more than just a one-off.  Now, just shy of a year later, we’re gearing up to release our follow-up EP, “The Weatherman”, and are planning an even bigger year, including our first live shows.

You have an unusual set-up, in that you guys are based in different parts of the USA. How do you make it work? Does not being geographically close to each other have advantages?

The distance has definitely provided it’s fair share of challenges, in that it complicates the logistics of everything from our output capacity to our ability to play live shows.  As far as an advantage, I would say no, but it’s definitely forced us to fine-tune our process, stay goal-oriented, and focus on what we CAN do.

I hear a lot of different influences in your songs – if you had to pick 5 main musical inspirations, who would they be and why?

As a drummer, Taylor draws inspiration from the nuances and styles of the musicians that first influenced him to start playing, most notably Neal Peart of Rush, Travis Barker of Blink 182, Coby Linder of Say Anything, and Dominic Howard of Muse.

As a vocalist/guitarist I’m inspired by artists that command attention through introspective storytelling, while creating an atmosphere within their music.  A few of my favorite bands are Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, The Wonder Years, The Menzingers, and Coheed & Cambria.

It’s a turbulent time, politically, socially and economically. Does that affect your writing and the ideology of your songs?

Like anyone, we have our individual views, but have made a decision keep them separate, as to let NORPHLET stand on it’s own without any detractors.  Our songs come from a personal place and reflect on our experiences, but aren’t necessarily influenced by any particular external force.

What’s next for the band in 2019?

After the release and promotion cycle for “The Weatherman”, we’ll be working on booking our first live shows, and will continue writing our first full-length!

Find NORPHLET at facebook.com/norphletband, twitter.com/norphletband and instagram.com/norphletband now.

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