Exclusive GIGsoup Interview – Little Triggers

Little Triggers have had a stellar 2019 so far. The Liverpool rock n’ rollers have already been heard on Planet Rock and BBC Radio, and received the Spotify playlist seal of approval for their recent single So Fine.

With a couple of upcoming live dates on London (19th April at 93 Feet East) and Liverpool (20th April at EBGBs), they’ve dropped another new track which you can hear now – check out the storming Giving Me Up below.

We sat down for a chat with the band for an update on their career so far and their plans for the rest of the year.

Tell us all about the new single Giving Me Up…

It’s a classic rock belter about that howl of pain when your partner says they are leaving you. The multi-tracked guitar solo is heavy on the wah wah pedal, Jimi Hendrix style. Not something we do that often but we thought this song called for it big time. 

Where does the name of the band come from?

We searched for ages looking for a name we could live with. A search through old vinyl albums found a song by Elvis Costello on his second album This Year’s Model called ‘Little Triggers’. We thought that was a good match for us and the name stuck.

You’ve been recording with Al Groves at Motor Museum studios – tell us about that experience.

The Motor Museum studios in our home town of Liverpool are legendary. Oasis recorded their first album there and Jake Bugg laid down his first big hit, Lightning Bolt there too. The place has a great, relaxed feel to it and full of classic analogue and the latest digital gear. Al has worked with bands such as Bring Me The Horizon and done some stuff with us before. He was keen to help us develop a heavier sound but still remain fresh and modern, more Foo Fighters than Led Zeppelin. He might have not quite got that one right as we’ve been compared to Greta Van Fleet! A more accurate comparison, for us anyway, would be Rival Sons.

Being from Liverpool, does the city play a role in your music and influences?

It certainly does. The Fab Four have wormed their way into the fabric of the city. When we are messing around in the studio or rehearsal room we will often break out into Beatles songs. We’ll do that in the van too, when travelling to gigs. We mustn’t forget all the other great acts to come from the ‘Pool such as Billy Fury, Cilla Black, Gerry & the Pacemakers through to Echo & the Bunnymen, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and today’s bands like Circa Waves and Red Rum Club to name-check just a few.

You’ve played all over the world – which cities/places have the best crowds?

The Chinese are amazing fans, wanting loads of selfies, merch and to just to be around you. The craziest crowd we ever had was at the Lavoir Electrique festival near Poiters in France last Summer.We went on just as the sun went down on what had been a sweltering day. You could feel the atmosphere change from laid back, chill out to full-on rock n’ roll madness. From the first song the crowd went wild. We had stage diving, girls doing impromptu dance moves on stage, mass stage invasions, you name it. 

What can people expect from the album in May?

The album is our first and we are delighted that its finally coming out. Most of the songs on it are straight from our current set list so come and see us play live and you’ll hear most of them. The first two singles released from it have been big rock songs and there is more of that on the album. There is another side to us too and there are some numbers that are more reflective, story telling ballads or mid-paced. The title track Loaded Gun, is a bit different too and we are keen to hear what fans think of it.

Find Little Triggers at facebook.com/littletriggersuk, instagram.com/littletriggers and twitter.com/littletriggers now.