Exclusive GIGsoup Interview – LASHES

Following widespread rock media acclaim for their debut roots-rock single Daydreamer, London rockers Lashes are back with another new songThe epic Bliss showcases the yearning vocals of Harry White alongside a rolling soundscape of Grunge and Country-influenced guitars, and places them at the forefront of the new wave of 21st Century rock bands well versed in the musical icons of the past.

Check out the new song below, and then read on for our chat with Harry (Vocals) and Louis (Guitars) about their influences, London life and plans for the rest of the year…

Tell us all about the new single…

Harry – I don’t think we ever envisaged writing a song like Bliss. The chorus is so sparse and epic: we didn’t set out to do that but there you go. Happy accident.  We’ve always been big fans of country and the harmonies, and so when we wrote Bliss and employed that, I think we realised – that’s our vocal sound. That part of our sound has become more and more concise. We’ll listen back to demos and not know who is singing which part, Louis and I have started to sound like each other now. 

Bliss has been in our bank for a while, we wrote it at the same time as Got Youthe B side on the release. I think at the time we were egging each other on to write the biggest chorus, but I like that, it’s natural to try to make everything bigger and better. But we have a sweet side that you can hear in the verses, we’re not all about making the floor shake. We just hope everyone enjoys the music, we sure do – what’s the point if you don’t?

Where does your name/moniker come from? Is there a story behind it?

Harry – Well… we’d been looking for a bass player for little while, Louis called up his old pal Callum and he was keen.  We thought we’d all meet up and discuss plans over some drinks – luckily Simon runs a little bar in Soho, so that’s where we ended up. After hours of talking music, influences and too much beer…and ignoring the massive elephant in the room (the fact that we didn’t have a name) Louis asked the dreaded question, “What are we going to call ourselves?”. We’d thought about this previously and never got anywhere, every suggestion had been awful. The sobering question didn’t actually sober anyone up, more made us realise that we’d all drunk our body weight in beer and that this might be the wrong time to mull over band names. 

Low and behold, one of us (I can’t recall who) says they’re lashed and we all just looked at each other and that was it. We’ve always thought it’s very fitting and it gets a good response when I ask the crowd at gigs to get lashed with us.

I can hear a mix of sounds in your songs – who are you top 5 biggest influences, musically?

Louis – We do love a bit of country! We absolutely get off on great song writing no matter the genre. There’s such an art to it that has to be respected. We’ll draw from the Stones, Oasis and The Verve in the same writing session, quite a lot of time we’ll be sitting there having just finished a song and one of us will always say “How can we make this more country?”. We’re still yet to write that country/synth metal track… we’ll let you know if that ever happens… or not! We have a lot of vocal harmonies in our music both on record and live, that’s a direct influence from The Eagles, The Beach Boys, and Crosby, Stills and Nash. There’s something so perfect about “Helplessly Hoping” by CSN and “Seven Bridges” by the Eagles, those harmonies are just so euphoric.

Give us an insider’s take on ‘your’ London – where should we be drinking, eating, seeing gigs etc?

Harry – The bar previously mentioned is The Social in Soho, that’s a cool place, we have a show planned there on the 15th of August. It’s a little off the beaten track in a back street but I like that, you’ll always see the same people hanging about and there’s a jukebox which you don’t see very often – especially not in London. Ain’t Nothin But is a cute little blues bar, it’s like walking back in time to 1950’s Memphis with blues jams all night, very cool place. We’re all quite foody people, always comparing what we’ve cooked. There’s this beautiful Turkish restaurant in Angel that I like, it’s filled with these multi coloured stained glass lamps and the food is out of this world – I’ve never found better humous.

What’s next for you in 2019? 

Harry – We’ve just stared recording our EP with our co-producer Luie Dransfield which we cannot wait to share with everyone later in the year. I think we worked so hard on the songwriting, it’ll be a huge relief to actually get the music down on record. We’re exploring our influences a bit deeper as well, it’s all coming out in the EP.

Louis – We spent a lot of time after the last recording sessions refining our song writing. For this E.P we had a choice of eleven songs, the plan was to pick six then maybe whittle them down again, that never happened so now they are all going on the E.P.  We’ll be gigging in London and making excursions up and down the country to support that release. We’re really excited to get Lashes on the road! 

Find LASHES at facebook.com/lashesmusic, instagram.com/lashesmusicuk and twitter.com/lashesmusicuk now.