Following performances on BBC One’s This Is My Song, radio support from BBC 6Music and press buzz with Earmilk, fast-rising UK pop artist Jordan Higo is back with a stunning debut EP.

The American Woman EP is on streaming platforms now, and showcases his nimble blend of Pop, RnB, Funk and Rock sounds across 5 diverse new songs threaded together by a shared narrative about a new transatlantic relationship.

Check out the full EP on Soundcloud below now. Fans of D’Angelo, Miguel and Gary Clark Jnr will find plenty to enjoy here. –

We caught up with the versatile Huddersfield vocalist/songwriter for an in-depth chat about each song on the new EP.


Medusa is the man’s half of a conversation, and it’s the lead single for the EP. He questions her feelings whilst expressing his own – he knows that their only shot at having a successful relationship is with each other. Just as Medusa turns men to stone, he suggests she is making things hard, making things difficult. He asks her why she is “married to this ritual” of predictable love as to him, love should be full of fire and excitement. And this is what he hopes they can have together.

On My Own 

Within the ‘American Woman EP’ story, this is the only track in which the man in the relationship really opens up and speaks about his true feelings. He’s asked by his ‘partner’ ‘what’s going on in your head?’ In response he explains to her that commitment is something he struggles with and that it’s not anything she is doing wrong it’s a problem he has within himself.

On My Own is very special to me, it’s the first song I ever wrote. Back in 2016, before I decided to follow the passion I had for music I made a voice note on my phone, that 3 years later became On My Own.  For the emotion to fully come across in the track it needed to be quite stripped back and leave space for my vocal to come through. The drums in the chorus give it and almost 80’s ballad feel which I love!


Corruption is all about meeting a girl and showing her a different side to life. He’s found her and now he wants to ‘take her to a place that she’s never been – total seduction’. It’s a sexy track in which a guy takes a good girl and seduces her into exploring areas that up until now she hasn’t.

The first line of Corruption came to me whilst I was laid in bed recovering from an operation. For some strange reason the line ‘take a good girl make her do bad things, call it corruption’ just wouldn’t leave my head. At that time, I was in no fit state to record the track properly, so I made a voice note and there it stayed until I recovered. I knew from the offset how I wanted Corruption to sound, it needed to have heavy thrashy guitars and be full of energy. This was the first rock track I’d ever written so it was a challenge at first. The first day me, Link Lewis and Pete Goosey spent in the studio we made little progress. The second session was a completely different story and the track was more fully mapped out that day. I’m really excited to see how this track will sound live!


In this track, a man explains that he thinks that he and the the girl he is dating are ‘good for one another’ and if ‘things we maybe different’ he could call her his lover but at this moment in time, he doesn’t feel he can. He also explains that what they have right now is good and she ‘thinks too much’ and ‘it doesn’t need improving’.

I’m a lover of music from previous decades, I feel with Twisted I was able to capture a real 90’s feel. The track started out very different from how it finished. I visited my friend Peter Goosey around a year ago; when I arrived at his apartment, he played me a track he just started working on a track. This track was what eventually developed into Twisted. Me and Link Lewis played around with Pete’s original idea and built the track around that. If I’m completely honest the rap in the song was originally just me messing around but it sounded cool and had a real authentic 90’s feel so it had to stay!

American Woman

Drinking in a bar, a guy approached an ‘American Woman’ and offers to buy her a drink. He also makes it know that he’s got a thing for her and with her being American he’s even more interested. As the song goes on, we learn that she also wants him, and she wants him to take her to places she’s never been before. Just to be clear, we’re not talking about an American woman wanting to visit British tourist attractions here!

American Woman is a cross over between quite heavy rock and disco. Originally when Link Lewis played me the track it sounded closer to an out and out disco track and it just developed into what it is now. With it being the first track on the ‘American Woman EP’ it needed to have an epic intro and a sound that would catch the ear from the offset. We achieved this with the layering of so many heavy sounding and powerful guitar lines. The vocal line in this track allowed me to explore areas within my range that I hadn’t done before. 

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