Erin Rae is a talented singer/songwriter from Nashville. She has worked with artists such as Margot Price. GIGsoup’s Laura Koonjean spoke to the artist about her upcoming gigs in London around the UK and a new album.’

Welcome, how has your day been so far?

It’s going well! Had a nice walkabout in south east London, too much coffee,  and now we are heading to Amsterdam for a festival tomorrow. Pretty day!

You are coming to the UK to do a series of dates, what are most looking forward to when you tour here?

I think making a trip to E. Pelicci’s in London, and getting to see some of my favorites at the festivals we are playing. Feist! Marlon Williams!

Tell us about the process you went through writing the songs your new album ‘ Putting On Airs’

I Was trying to work through some patterns of mine that were causing problems in my relationships. So it was a lot of processing and emotions coming out in song. And a little bit of daydreaming, euphoric recall.

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Which song on this album do you think most captures where you are in life right now, and why?

Anchor me down maybe? I am really in a period of cherishing the close relationships I have, and realizing the importance of them and wanting to work on them. I also have such an incredible group of people in my music life around me, and my family too. Feeling grateful for it all. Especially when we are getting to travel for this.

What music did you listen to when you were growing up?

I listened to lots of whatever was currently on top 40 throughout the 90s-early 2000s, but at home we listened to a lot of American songwriters like Greg brown, doc Watson, Gillian Welch, kate Campbell, etc. My parents played together when i was growing up and my dad wrote songs in addition to covering a great collection of songs by other writers. Feel very lucky to have the wide array of influences that I do.

If we had to know 2 things about you what would they be?

I have a brand new niece and I love her and I have a really loud laugh.

What’s inspiring you at the moment?

All the beautiful window flower boxes in London and the album Scott Walker 4.

Tell us about how your collaborating with Margo Pricecame about?

We just knew each other from the east side and I started to sing harmonies with her just before Midwest Farmer’s Daughter came out . It’s been incredible & inspiring to witness her success❤️

Quick Fire Questions

Broad daylight or the still of the night? – Broad daylight

Love or Laughter? – Love

Pizza or Pasta? – Pizza

Ellen or Oprah? – BOTH

Paris or Rome? – Rome

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