After a successful tour back in January/February 2016 with friends Whiskey Myers, TC3 are once again embarking on another UK tour, this time stepping it up a game in larger venues.
GIGsoup talks to the band exclusively prior to the tour.

Hey guys, welcome back to the UK! Just wanted to say a quick congratulations to Jaren and Evyn on the baby news, all of us Brits are looking forward to seeing a Cadillac four!

Anyway, getting back to the interview questions; Jaren, you co-wrote the title track for Steven Tyler’s album ‘We’re all somebody from somewhere’- how did you guys meet?

Steven came to an acoustic thing Neil and I did at the country music hall of fame… Then the next night he came to see TC3 at a late night CMA party… needless to say we just hit it off. He wanted something for his record that was dirty and swampy like TC3 but also had lyrical depth, ala a song I wrote called “meanwhile back at mama’s”.  I’m not sure if we nailed it but I feel like we got pretty damn close! Haha.

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You guested on the Motley Crue Nashville tribute album with your great rendition of ‘Live Wire’. How did that come about?

Scott Borchetta our label president at Big Machine was working on that project & he asked us if we’d like to be a part of it & of course we said yes & then when we met the guys from Motley Crue & they said they wanted us to try “Live Wire” we were excited & just tried to get in there & put our southern swamp on it.

Formerly known as The Cadillac Black and prior to that the group American Bang, what lead to the demise of American Bang and what was the reason for the name change from The Cadillac Black?

We got off our record label at the time & our lead guitar player had just found out he was having his first child & decided he didn’t want to be on the road anymore. We’d grown up together so we didn’t want to continue with the same name with out him so we started The Cadillac Black which later became The Cadillac Three.

A two part question. As all three of you are established song writers, how do you decide whether to keep the tracks for TC3 or to offer them elsewhere?

They’ve just gotta feel right for the album we are working on musically & lyrically feel unique & honest to what we like to sing about & what’s going on in our lives.

Given you guys collectively have written songs for other artists that have experienced major chart success, do you have any regrets such as wishing you recorded the tracks yourselves?

There are a few that could have been cool to keep like Raise em Up, Payback, & Meanwhile Back At Momma’s, but we just weren’t that band yet at the time & so it made sense to let them go.  Its also an honor to have some of your favorite artists want to sing a song you’ve written, so that makes it easier to give one up!

‘The South’, perhaps your staple song, was initially released excluding Texas, then re released the song as a Texas edition, was this a band decision or were fans really that outraged that they demanded Texas to be included in the lyrics?

The South was actually originally written with “Texas” in the song but when we had Florida Georgia Line on the recording we felt like it was the right thing to do to include “Florida” & so that’s where the different versions came from.

There seems to be a definite resurgence of southern rock and country music over the past decade. Why do you all think that is?

Southern rock & Country music are timeless to us.  There were so many great bands in the 70’s from Skynyrd to The Allman Bros. that influenced bands like us, Blackberry Smoke & Whiskey Myers & it seems like music listeners are looking for more authentic music right now & maybe that has something to do with people coming to see us & some of our other friends these days.

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You’ve recently finished a huge tour with Florida Georgia Line; how was it? How does it compare being on a package tour to a headlining show of your own?

It was a great tour!  We were playing to 20-30,000 people a night & being good friends with all the guys made for a relaxed vibe out there on the road.  The biggest difference is playing for our own fans in a club or theatre versus playing in a big room & winning over new fans.  They are both great but the energy of a headlining show with everyone singing along is always badass!

Finally, one for my own matter of interest, on your new track ‘Ship Faced’, the following lyrics;
“…we ain’t sleeping..” and “…little Jimmy Buffett…” Sound very similar to “…we ain’t tupin(?)..” and “..Bimmy Juffett..”
Is that an accent pronunciation or is it a reference to being ship faced?

Haha. The lyric is actually … “We ain’t fishin’ we ain’t tubin’ we’re just kickin’ it back , got tequila and a cooler full of cold ones to crack, gotta a little Bimmy Juffet on them radio waves…” So yea…. I guess it is a reference to being “ship faced”.

Catch The Cadillac Three on tour kicking off on 5th NovemberThe Cadillac Three - Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

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