Swimming Tapes’ Louis Price recently took the time to speak to us about the five piece’s upcoming performance at Dot To Dot festival. The dreamy guitar pop band hailing from London have just reached 1 million hits with their single ‘Cameo’, a track filled with luscious riffs, soothing vocals and fantastic melodies. 

Having just played their first headline show at a sold out The Waiting Room, could this be a sign of what’s to come for the band in the coming months of their career? We think so! With festival slots coming left, right and centre, Swimming Tapes spoke to GIGsoup about their thoughts on Dot To Dot, their debut single and learning French. 

Have you played D2D before and how are you feeling about performing there?

No, this is our first time playing Dot To Dot and we’re extremely excited. We haven’t done much touring really so the idea of playing three shows right after each other makes us very happy.

Which city are you most looking forward to playing? (Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham)

That’s a hard one, they’re all great cities and some of us have played in them a few times in different projects, but it will be great to play there with Swimming Tapes. If I had to choose I would say Manchester is always a good night out!

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From the initial line up, who are you most excited to see?

We’re really hoping to catch the Pinegrove set. Their stuff is super lush. Also want to catch Cosmo Pyke if possible, we played a gig with him in January and he has some sweet vibes.

It was your debut single ‘Souvenirs’ first birthday last month, how does it feel to look back and see how far you’ve come since then?

It feels good. It’s nice to see our hard work paying off a bit. We didn’t really expect anything to happen when we first put out ‘Souvenirs’ so when lots of blogs got on board with it straight away, it was extremely flattering and quite shocking for us. It’s been nice to see the progression over all the single releases so far and hopefully we can keep it going in the right direction.

This is one of the first festivals of the year, what was the first festival you went to?

My first festival was Leeds 2004. Seems like about a hundred years ago! It’s was super ace, full of teenage debauchery and many, many cans of warm Carling.

If you had to choose one city to stay in for the rest of your life, what would it be?

In my mind I feel one day I’ll actually learn French and go to live in Paris! I’ve spent a lot of time there with a previous project and it’s such a cool city! But there’s so many great cities in the world that I haven’t been to yet so come back to me after I’ve done a bit more globe trotting.

What can we expect from you in the next few months?

We’re just putting the finishing touches to our next EP and you should hear the first single from it pretty soon!

Why should fans make the effort to catch your set?

We always try to put on a good show and at D2D we’ll be playing all of our new EP along with the last one and maybe throw in a few new ones too. A whole 1 year career spanning set!

Tickets are available for Dot To Dot HERE.

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