With less than a month to go until Dot To Dot festival, Tara Atkinson spoke to indie-rock band To Kill A King regarding their performance and new single ‘Good Old Days’. A track that fuses old school rock with atmospheric vocals and melancholy type synths, creating a sound that is pure and original to the five piece.

This track along with the previously released single ‘The Problem Of Evil’ brings them into the era of their third album, a record that many are looking forward to. To Kill A King have three upcoming headline shows in London on the 11th, 12th and 13th May, grab a ticket while you still can!

Have you played D2D before and how are you feeling about performing there?

Yes we have and we are excited to be back, it was such a great atmosphere last time we played.   

Which city are you most looking forward to playing? (Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham)

…. that’s like asking a mum to choose between her children, well if the mum was a band and the children were three large cities. 

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From the line up so far, who are you most excited to see?

The Big Moon and Honey Blood.

You’re currently on a UK tour, have there been any highlights for you so far? 

We’ve got three headline shows back to back in London in May, I think one of these will be the highlight. 

This is one of the first festivals of the year, what was the first festival you went to?

I come from Leeds so it was obviously the great Yorkshire show, a festival of all things agriculture…. it wasn’t great but we got the day off school. A few years later I went to Leeds festival. 

If you had to choose one city to stay in for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably London as all my stuff is there.

What can we expect from you in the next few months?

We’ve got a new single out! It’s called the ‘Good Old Days’ and we think you are gonna love it. We’ve also got a video to go with the single and that’s a sort of love triangle story between a caterpillar, a butterfly and another caterpillar. 

Why should fans make the effort to catch your set?

I feel like the fans will come because they are fans, other people who enjoy bands like The National, The Maccabees or The Mystery Jets should come along though, cos if they squint and put one finger in their ear then we can halfway pass for them. 

Tickets to To Kill A King’s London shows are available here.

Tickets are available for Dot To Dot here: http://www.alttickets.com/dot-to-dot-festival-tickets#_=_

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