Six piece band Alaskalaska are next up in Tara Atkinson’s ‘In Their Own Words’ series. Having released two new singles this week, we chatted with the lads about Welsh festivals, studio memories and of course their upcoming performance at Dot To Dot.

Having just played at The Great Escape, Alaskalaska head off to support Arydn at London’s Hoxton Hall next month… 

Have you played D2D before and how are you feeling about performing there?

We’ve never played at any of the dots before so we are very worried.

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Which city are you most looking forward to playing? (Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham)

Fraser: Bristol is in my top five cities of all time, but I would have to say Manchester. Is Morrissey going to be there?

Lu: They’re all very fine cities and we are looking forward to sampling the delights that each one has to offer.

From the initial line up, who are you most excited to see?

Pinegrove, Pixx…any other bands starting with P I guess… PALASKALASKA? Gotta catch ’em all.

You’ve got new music coming very soon, do you have any memorable moments from the studio?

Fraser: Most of our memories of being in the studio are just being squashed in a small, hot room and trying not to accidentally touch each others legs. 

Lu: One time I found a spider in my grapes and got a voucher from the shop to say sorry.

This is one of the first festivals of the year, what was the first festival you went to?

Fraser: My first festival was one in Wales when I was 16. I got so drunk on the first day that I missed all the music, then woke up the next day to see NERD play in the rain. It was shit. 

Lu: Mine was also in Wales but a bit further down the road

If you had to choose one city to stay in for the rest of your life, what would it be?

London, because all our stuff is there.

What can we expect from you in the next few months?

Lots of gigs, an EP, music videos, and lots of dancing. 

Why should fans make the effort to catch your set?

You should come to see us if you want to go to outer space but can’t afford it. 

Tickets are available for Dot To Dot here:

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