With the singles Antonio America, Fire and I Love You, the disco ball was set in motion over the past year. Now, Diskopunk return with Soaked, to kickstart a cavalcade of hits, culminating in the debut EP to be released January 2019.

”’Soaked’ was created as a never ending lokomotive. Fall into trance and stare at the wall-vibes, but with added knuckles-meet-face. Sort of. Pedal to the metal but with your forehead.”

Describing their sound as “a decadent ABBA with grandiose chord-driven pop songs beefed up with post punk parts; raging distorted synthesizers, guitar riffs and a hell of a lot of percussion”, the polished disco esthetics meets the dark and dirty underground leaving you in the void between two worlds, or simply with the best of both of them.

We wanted to find out a little more about them so sent them over a couple of questions to answer

Could you introduce yourselve?

We’re called Diskopunk from Stockholm and play energetic punch-to-the-face dance music that’s great to sweat to. We make hit music that sticks to your brain like a sickness. We like wearing slutty disco attire and playing really really loud. You will most probably love us.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

ABBA, Todd Terje, Donna Summer, The king of Sweden, Sly & Family Stone, Stevie Nicks, En Poppel, Donny Hathaway, Scooter, The Hives, Happy Mondays, Kenta Gustafsson, Tame Impala, Vitas

Could you talk about your new EP? How was the writing and recording process?

Our new EP is a banger. We wrote most of it last summer and it’s a mishmash of different sides to us. We recorded and produced it together with Axel Algmark and did the mixing process with Simon Nordberg with turned out really good. From doing all production on our own previously this was a fresh input for us and our sound + More percussion than ever <3

What was the inspiration behind ‘Soaked’? What does the track mean to you?

Our sweet drummerboy captain sassypants played a damn juicy drumbeat and our bassist just went full on mayhem on a single string and we knew this was something we wanted to play for hours and hours. And we did. Then we had to package into a song eventually but it all started out organically as full on Diskopunk jam really.

How have your recent shows been going?

Very very very good. Last I read we turned a venue upside down and that’s just downplaying it. We have a show in stockholm coming up on the 7th of November where we actually bumped the show up another gear. I’m honestly afraid of what will happen to the peeps in the front row.

What are some of your future plans?

Releasing a lot of music. Our new material is bat shit crazy in the best way possible. Playing a lot live. Bringing the boogie to your ears basically. We are pumped like never before and got the tracks to back it up.

Name us some new and fellow Swedish bands we should know about?

Cat Princess, Grand Mojo, Jacob Douglas, Italo Bitches, Satan, Prins Daniel

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