Last month, the Heartbreakers in Southampton welcomed Daniel Kemish, an Americana/Folk singer-songwriter as part of his ‘Under the Same Sky’ UK tour. Daniel played alongside support acts Dylan L. Rocha and Matt Bialas. GIGsoup were given the chance to speak to Daniel before the start of the show. 

“The tour’s been really good so far,” he starts. “It started on the 14th of June. I was actually booking this UK tour whilst I was on my Europe tour, so it wasn’t as easy as if I had been stationary and had a computer. But it’s gone well, there have been some really cool gigs, and a couple of festivals that went really well.” 

The tour had been centred around promoting the release of his latest record. “I released the album about a year ago actually, but this is the first time I’ve brought the album to the UK.” 

One of the most fascinating aspects of his is most recent record, ‘Under the Same Sky,’ is the way that he chose to approach his songwriting. “It was completely different,” he begins. “I went to a mountain hut in Austria and isolated myself for a month. So no internet, no electricity, no running water, nothing. I locked myself away. I spent the month alone, writing.” 

“The main reason for doing it this way was because I wanted to feel lonely.”

“I wanted to write more personal songs, and in writing more personal songs, I needed to get myself in that lonely state so I started thinking more.”

“I spent 28 days in the mountain, and wrote 29 songs. (…) It was a great experience, definitely something I would like to do again.”

The recording and production of Kemish’s album took place in Lisbon. “I rented a house for three or four days, and we were basically in the studio morning to night. We laid it all down live, too.”

“I had the drummer and guitarist in one room, his amps in another so we got that clean guitar sound. Then I had my bass player in another room, and I was in a booth in between the main control room and the main studio, so everyone could see me and I could see everyone.” 

“I had a great band (…) and obviously some of the songs changed. ‘Travelling Man’ was never planned to be like that until we got into the studio – it changed completely!” 

So far, Kemish has released two full-length albums over the span of two years. While both stay true to the Americana meets folk sound, each track stands out both dynamically and atmospherically. “My sound varies quite a lot, from one song to the next, and I think that’s healthy as an artist. To keep people interested and not make stuff that sounds the same.”

It’s evident through Kemish’s approach to music and touring that the creative industry as a whole is one understood through experience. “I’m still learning. Everyday’s a learning curve, so take every opportunity. 

“Staying true to who you are is one thing that’s really important.”

“And keep playing. There’s a lot of barriers that get put in place, a lot of doors that close. You’ve got to keep going. You’ve got to be really strong and really believe. It’s something that will come through in the end.” 

‘Under The Same Sky’ is available on all major streaming platforms. Keep up to date with Daniel Kemish’s touring schedule and new releases on his Facebook page.