Crywank 'Don't piss on me I'm Already Dead' Interview

Crywank ‘Don’t piss on me I’m Already Dead’ Interview

Manchester’s Anti-folk three-piece, Crywank self-described as inspired by punk and outsider music’ certainly have one of the most interesting of names out there. Following their last album, it is evident that passion is what drives the music, a passion for creating and for expressing. And what appears evident is that the release of their next album ‘Don’t Piss On Me I’m Already Dead’ next week is going to turn heads, with the album going straight to Bandcamp, it’s completely bypassing all expected actions for an standard release. GIGsoup were lucky enough to have been able to ask a few questions about the album, the process of releasing it, and the future of Crywank…

What caused the decision to release the album on Bandcamp and have it spread through “word of mouth”?

It’d be cool if it was some political reason, and I think years ago I’d have probably have tried to intellectualize it in that way. It’s mostly out of sheer procrastination. With Crywank it used to be the case where shortly after I’d recorded the songs, they’d be put online. It’s not the best tactic for a musician but I didn’t like to sit on songs. After we finished recording this album in January we wanted it to be released by April. Nothing moved forward though, plans kept changing and being forgotten and time would just pass. We all saw each other less over these months and it’s gotten to a period where it’s nearly August and I’m still sat on this album, despite having another albums worth of songs ready to record. I sort of want rid of the anxiety that comes from this situation and so just letting it out how I used to seems like the best way. We’re going to try and get it streaming on other platforms, but other than that I sort of…want to move forward and record more. I’ve spent so much time getting wound up with logistics which I don’t feel capable of tackling when all I really want to be doing is writing and recording. I’ve always found it really cool seeing how the music has expanded organically. I’ve been going for years now and have had little press, even in the UK, but the following I’ve received is pretty wild. It’s going to be interesting to see how people react to this release, it’s pretty different to the others.

Do you feel the general expectations of what should come with releasing an album effect you as an artist?

Yeah, it makes you stagnant, well…it made me stagnant. It’s put across as if you don’t do the necessary PR for an album and send out what are essentially pre-written articles for blogs and magazines to just publish or rewrite then you won’t receive much success. I mean, that’s actually pretty accurate if you deem these magazines and blogs as measures of success, but my previous albums still found an audience despite not going down this route. The idea of it makes me anxious and uncomfortable and I can’t really explain why and at points I get super tempted to go along with it and see what happens. I think maybe I’m just too precious or paranoid or scared of rejection or just lazy. I think it’ actually probably just laziness.

Why the name “don’t piss on me I’m already dead”?

I really like to take ideas and sentiments that I consider quite emotive and resonate with me and try to condense them into something cruder and more puerile. I’ve done this quite a bit with my music and have been doing it more in my writing recently. The title comes from a quote from Barney Gumble in an episode of The Simpsons, but altered for my own amusement. It popped into my head one day and I said it out loud and I really liked it, so it’s just ended up being the title I guess. I really like it, although some people have told me it’s a really bad title. I take the sentiment to mean “please don’t be mean to me, I already hate myself”, which I also quite like. It makes me laugh.

Using only a sentence or two for those that don’t know your sound, how would you describe this album?

Ill-thought out ditties about anxiety expanded on in a pretty flawed and incoherent way. Some bits sound pretty cool but largely confusing. Too many words.

What would you say the album is influenced by?

I thought it was fairly mixed but now I look back I think it’s largely about stagnation and difficulty moving forward. It does also stick to the usual theme of “me me me I suck” though. There’s a few different lines about discomfort within situations and an [uncertainty] of how to approach that. I think the whole album is very confused, that probably comes across whilst listening to it.

And finally…What can we expect from the future of Crywank?

I have another album written, so we’ll hopefully play with those songs and try to get them recorded soon, and I’m very keen to start playing more shows again. I don’t really have a ‘plan of action’ but I have a lot of ideas. Other than a few shows we’re doing in August, September and maybe October, we’re mostly going to just write and see where the new album takes us.

‘Don’t Piss On Me I’m Already Dead’ will be able to be listened to next week on the bands Bandcamp page.

This Crywank article was written by Di’mond Sharma-Joseph, a GIGsoup contributor

Crywank 'Don't piss on me I'm Already Dead' Interview

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