Courtney Marie Andrews Interview

Courtney Marie Andrews – Exclusive GIGsoup Interview

Courtney Marie Andrews has been touring and realising music for nearly a decade. Having been compared to the likes of Joni Mitchel and Carole King, Andrews has been slowly gathering her admirers for some time. Andrews’ new album ‘Honest Life’ is set to be released on the 20th January, with new singe ‘Rookie Dreaming’ out now. GIGsoup writer Harrison Moore caught up with the artist to discuss the new album, writing, and her 2017 tour.

 You have been compared to virtually every notable folk singer from the 60’s and 70’s, are there any comparisons that you are particularly proud of?

One time I opened for this songwriter, Jay Brannan, and one of his fans said I sounded like Shakira. It was by far one of the most left field comparisons I’ve ever received. That has always stuck with me. It was amazing.

Are there any that you don’t think are accurate?


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Your single ‘Rookie dreaming’ has seen some strong support with plays on 6music among other radio stations, it must be exciting to be reaching a wider audience?

I’m very grateful for the radio play and support. It seems like a long time coming, since I’ve spent a big chunk of the last ten years on the road, workin’ my butt off. Feels good.

You have been recording and touring for nearly a decade, do you think you have changed much as a musician in that time?

Absolutely. Honest Life could not have happened without the continual growth and change that have occurred within me. I’m constantly striving to challenge myself. It’s crucial in order to improve as an artist.

You’ve talked before about being influenced by people you’ve met while working in a bar in Seattle, yet your songs sound so personal, is empathy an important tool to your song writing?

Empathy is a key part to writing in my world. It’s impossible to right a relatable song, if you don’t strive to understand the character you’re writing through, or about.

You produced your new album ‘Honest Life’ yourself, was this a conscious decision or did it just happen naturally?

Every producer I approached for Honest Life did not express a vision that felt in line with these songs. I wanted to personally serve these songs, because they were very personal to me at the time. Even the band playing on the record, was a group of friends in Seattle, not session players who could leave or take a gig. We rehearsed for a few weeks in a basement, then hit the studio. It felt easy, and friendly. For me, this particular batch of songs had to be personal in every aspect, so self-producing was what made sense at the time.

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Did producing your own album allow you to make a more honest portrayal of your music?


What sets this album apart from your earlier work?

Honest Life is more mature, and more aware.  When you start making albums at 16, you have a lot of lessons to learn, and kinks to work through. Not to say my older stuff is terrible. I was just still in the college years of progressing my craft.

Your tour started on the 14th of January, as an act that’s toured extensively for several year, is it still exciting to play new music live?

Even if I get worn out, there will always be a big place in my heart for touring. It’s a big part of my life, and it has been for my entire young adult life. Not many things are more thrilling to me than hitting the road and playing music with my friends.

Courtney Marie Andrews