PINS are one of the must see bands at the inaugural Cotton Clouds Festival on 12 August. They have just released an EP, ‘Bad thing’ and have a busy summer ahead including appearances at Reading and Leeds and Boardmasters. GIGsoup’s Jane Davies went in search of their thoughts on outdoor venues and much more…

Hello PINS. Can you introduce yourselves please?

Lois: I’m Lois and I play guitar.

Sophie: I’m Sophie, I’m the drummer.

Faith – I’m Faith and I sing and dance

How have the festivals gone this year, Festevol, Dot to Dot, Isle of Wight?

Lois: They were great, we played with Black Honey, Dream wife and Pink Kink at Festevol – then headed back to Manchester for the end of Sounds from the other city festival too. Isle of Wight felt like a little holiday. Faith: Isle of Wight was weird; loads of families in the day then when the sun went down the freaks came out to play.

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I believe you stayed in a hotel on the Isle of Wight and did not camp out? Do you dislike camping?

Lois: We’d heard it was going to be torrential rain and didn’t feel like dealing with it, so we got a b and b near the beach instead. Much easier on the hangover side of things. Sophie: It really was supposed to be the worst weather ever; we only booked it a few days before.

Faith: I hate camping, I like the beers around the fire bit, but the morning bit, no.

Do you like urban festivals or those in the great outdoors?

Lois: I like being in the middle of nowhere, so you can forget everything. Timeless, placeless reverie.

Sophie: Both are good. Festivals like SXSW are mental but countryside festivals are like a different universe. Faith – festivals in fields when the sun is shining are my favourite.

Have you ever been to Saddleworth?

Lois: Not that I remember.

Sophie: We filmed a music video on Saddleworth Moor! It’s the last video in our visual ‘Bad Thing’ EP film. It looks like we’re in Scandinavia/on another snowy planet but it’s Saddleworth. It was freezing.

Faith: yeah! I have friends up there, it’s beautiful.

How do you prepare for a festival?

Lois: crate of thatchers and a bikini.

Sophie: all of the above and a pack of face wipes.

What can we expect from your set at Cotton Clouds?

Lois: crate of thatchers and a bikini.

Sophie: Bangers.

Who will you be watching at Cotton Clouds?

Faith – I’ve heard good things about The Blinders

What are your essential items that you could not live without at a festival?

Lois: sunglasses are pretty essential; I like to have a swiss army knife to hand. Oh and a disposable camera.

Sophie: Crate of thatchers and a bikini

Tell us about your funniest or strangest incident at a festival as a performer and member of audience?

Lois: Seeing Iggy Pop play at SXSW was amazing, and we also saw King Khan doing a secret show there which was unreal. There was so much going on.

Sophie: I once went to a show at SXSW that had a ‘special guest’ act on and it turned out to be Kanye West. That was a bit mad. Faith – David Byrne backstage in a full white suit looking towels, more towels. What’s happened David?

Which would be your dream festival to play and why?

Lois: I’ve always wanted to play Festival no. 6 and this year we are! I’d also love to play Glastonbury, or a festival that doesn’t yet exist, but is at the top of a mountain at Sunrise.

Sophie: I’d like to play Coachella because I admire the cockiness of not bothering to have a roof over the stages because you’re THAT sure it’s not going to rain.


If you are off to Cotton Clouds, be sure to check out PINS … these girls


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