Conceited Sounds – Exclusive GIGsoup interview

Conceited Sounds is a unique, London-based event which places a huge amount of importance of promoting up-and-coming talent. Curated as an open deck session, the night will play host to a number of DJs, displaying an extensive variety of genres and artists.

GIGsoup caught up with Esther and Boaz, the founders of CoSounds, to chat about the concept behind the event, and where they want to take it in the future.

Can you tell us a little bit about Co-Sounds?

Esther- I wanted Co-Sounds to be a space for anybody who liked any kind of music. I wanted it to be a place where people could come, listen and perform, regardless of what they listen to; Whether its popular or not, whatever it is. I wanted it to be a place where people could showcase what they liked.  I was really thinking of how can I make this event different and unique.

So, I guess in the last six months CoSounds has changed into a space to showcase upcoming talent. I wanted it to be a platform for people to get some exposure.

Boaz- Recently we’ve kind of thought of it as the SVTV of DJs; as a way for members of the audience to get involved. So, it’s less of just listening to a Soundcloud mix. It’s more of knowing the background of the Djs and about what they do.

Why do you think this kind of thing hasn’t been done more often?

E- I mean, there’s like similar concepts floating around London. I think from a venue perspective, it’s risky to put on tuhis type of event. At the end of the day they have to make money and generate a crowd. Your best bet in doing that is to have a well-known artist play.

B- I think it’s also difficult to find talent to do the right thing to generate a crowd. Compared to an open mic night where you have a certain type of format- an open decks night is kind of lucid. Its less about one person than about the music. There are many more variables, I would say.

What can we expect from the event?

 E- You can expect variety. The purpose is not to hone in on one type of electronic music genre,  whether its house or techno or anything else. We want to broaden the horizon a little bit. We want some good vibes going on too of course. We also want it to be a space where upcoming DJ’s actually want to participate.

 B- I think it will also be a great place for DJs to meet each other. It will be a really good networking opportunity! I think that when you’re an emerging artist, you probably want to be around other people who are have been in or currently are in the same boat as you are.  

Would you say there is a need for a platform for DJs to elevate themselves in this way?

 E- That’s a interesting question. When I was thinking about it, there are so many DJs and there are so many platforms that showcase DJs (like Mixmag) but not many to actually showcase upcoming DJs. I feel like it’s quite limited. I feel like there are so many DJs in London that just want to perform and there isn’t really a space for them. Supporting up-and-coming talent is always a good thing I think.

 B- I think you have two levels in DJing really. Either you’re a beginner or you’re a professional, but there’s nothing really in between. And that’s what Conceited Sounds is. It’s about going on that journey with DJs and producers, whilst helping them get to a place that they want to be.

Where do you see the event going in the future? And where would you like to go?

 E- I see it going to a place where we have full control. Say we have a twelve-hour set instead of a seven-hour one. And we want people to feel like they can play whatever kind of set you want. We want it to really be like an open decks session; as in if you feel like you can play, you can play.

 Moving forward we want to get together with venues and maybe have a tent at a festival?

 B- The other thing we thought about is endorsing places that have good sound or good sound quality. Or venues that we really like. We were thinking about having a CoSounds stamp. So, if you go into a club and you see the CoSounds stamp you know it’s going to be a good venue with good sound quality.

How do you curate an event with so many different genres that? How do you strike a balance between them?

 E- I suppose the issue that we’ve been having is in sourcing a variety of DJs. There’s a lot of people who play at 130 BPM; so something like house. There’s a lot less of anything faster or slower than that. I guess it’s just in letting DJs know that at this time we might not take them on; just for the sake of variety.

 B- I guess it comes down to getting the right people; having a wide variety of DJs and not just supporting one genre.

 What are you guys listening to at the moment.

B- I’m listening to a lot of jazz. I’m a big fan of Snarky Puppy. I’m always listening to a lot of sold school rnb too. I love live instruments; I don’t think anything can beat them.

E- It changes with your mood I guess. At the moment, it’s pretty heavy stuff. Minimal techno like Alan Fitzpatrick- that kind of thing. I’m very into minimal grime too, like Mumdance. Very much trying to get back into garage as well.

Conceited Sounds debut their first open deck sessions on  24th of June. Check out the event page here.