Having seen Bad Sounds perform to a lively crowd in the mid-afternoon heat at London’s Community Festival, we joined brothers Ewan and Callum for a chat about the set, expectations for the debut album and why they believe they stand out from the crowd….

Today was your first festival appearance of the year. The weather was definitely on your side today, do you think that hard a big part to play?

Ewan – It’s a hard one because everyone was dead from the heat….we had to will ourselves back into energy but I feel like the crowd were with us on that!

Callum, you’ve now changed again from what you were wearing onstage….why on earth did you choose a boiler suit in this heat?

Callum – I feel uncomfortable in shorts onstage….I have a real thing against shorts and never wear them…but I had to today!

In terms of the clothes you wear on stage, it is quite distinguished. Is it a look you consciously went for?

Callum: I just like what I like. I don’t know, I think it would be weird to say I am inspired by certain things, I just like certain aesthetics.

You guys have a big list of dates coming up, including some big festival appearances, such as Truck Festival, Y Not and Reading and Leeds. Are there any on your radar as the ‘big one’?

Ewan: Reading will be cool! Our album comes out the week before so it will be the first time we are playing those new songs, so we are looking forward to seeing how that feels!

Yes! The new album, Get Better….it has been a couple years of building up to it. Are you proud of how it has turned out?

Callum: We are really proud of it! I just want people to like it. I feel that albums sometimes come out and people will like them for a week, then get bored of it straight after. We thought about that when we were making it, that we wanted it to last and for people to like it in 10, 20 years’ time.

Ewan: There is so much pressure with your first album to prove that people are into it. We were like, “well, if we only get this one chance to make an album, we want to make sure that it is an album that we are glad we made.”

We are the least tactful we have ever been, making the album. We just made songs we liked!

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Was it your Dad that you drafted in for the album announcement?

Callum: Haha, yeah! Ewan just said to him to come and meet us for a drink. Then, before we headed out, we said come round to mine, we just want to get you to do something!

In terms of your sound, it is so hard to put a label on you guys. Having seen you today, a lot more of a funk sound comes out live. Is that something you go for?

Callum: I think it’s really hard for journos to quantify bands. I think you have to describe a band in a way that people can relate it to. We have had all sorts of labels….

Is there any labels you have been given, that you cannot stand?

Callum: We really hate ‘Indie Funk!’

Ewan: We are quite separate. We don’t need a label! Before we were doing this, I was making straight-up hip-hop, where I would take parts of songs and put that in my own, I guess that is what we do ­­­­too.

Nice! We have to ask – what is the story behind the song title ‘Hot Head Chippenham’?!

Ewan: It’s just where we are from! Chippenham is just a bog-standard little English town.

Callum: It is more a description of any small town. There is definitely that ‘small town’ mentality where people never leave that town and just take on the values of the parents and just don’t expand.

You have a big European tour coming up also. Any dates on the tour you’re looking forward to?

Callum: Yeah, our first European tour which is cool! Berlin will be good as we have some friends out there!

Have you had a big reaction in Europe?

Callum: Not that I know of! We are just taking a punt on this tour, and not even expecting anyone to turn up!

Bad Sounds will be at a number of UK Festivals this summer. Their debut album, Get Better, is released August 17th and promises to be one of the freshest releases of the year.

Look out for dates in Europe and the UK throughout summer and into autumn.

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