Every now and then an artist comes along that gets you really, really excited; an artist that is fresh, exciting and offering that something different which makes them stand out from the crowd. They remind you why you love finding new music in the first place. GIGsoup catches up with one such artist – a round of applause please for Be Charlotte.

Making waves in Scotland for some time, Be Charlotte, aka Charlotte Brimner, have a busy summer ahead. Following a stand-out appearance at last year’s T in the Park on the T Break stage, the singer-songwriter from Dundee has been steadily making a name for herself with a number of appearances at small festivals around Scotland, with her innovative and captivating live performances becoming a staple of the circuit.

Originally a solo act, she now plays with a band featuring two other musicians who have effectively bolstered her eclectic sound and allowed her to push her creative boundaries even further. An ambitious, driven and charismatic performer, she is an artist who is willing to challenge genre limitations, mixing digital elements with her live performance to create something uniquely layered and dynamic before finally tying it together with her impressive vocals.

Her excellent single ‘Discover’ was released on Electric Honey Records in April to much critical acclaim, and deservedly so; it’s a brilliant piece of pop which brings a number of her influences together through dance, hip-hop and spoken word. At a time when pop music in the charts is completely uninspiring, Be Charlotte offers something new and fresh.

GIGsoup managed to catch up with her following another impressive performance in front of a packed room at this year’s Brew at the Bog Festival, where she also appeared with an outstanding new musical project called Louie and the Lochbacks, lending some acapella vocals alongside members of Pronto Mama to wonderful poetry provided by Hector Bizerk frontman Louie. Since this interview, she has confirmed another appearance at this year’s T in the Park where she will be playing the BBC Introducing Stage, along with an intimate gig at The Poetry Club in Glasgow on June 28th, with limited tickets available to her ever-growing fanbase.  There’s a lot going on for Charlotte right now and it’s all indicative of a very bright future ahead. We discussed festivals, influences and future plans…

This is one of the first festivals of the summer, how’s it going for you?

Good, really good. I’ve wanted to come to this festival before but I’ve never been. I prefer playing the smaller festivals like this … you get a really warm audience which is cool

What other bands are you looking to see?

Marc RooneyLouie and the Lochbacks are playing later aswell!

I saw that! So how did your involvement with Louie come about?

Louie started managing my band about a year ago… we’re friends with Pronto Mama aswell so we got together to do Louie and the Lochbacks together. Oh and I also really wanna see WHITE!

Very good choice! I’ll be going over to see them after this! So, what else have you got planned for the summer?

We’re doing Belladrum, Electric Fields, Kelvingrove Bandstand with Hector Bizerk which should be good… Audiosoup and Kelburn aswell!

So for those who haven’t heard you, how would you describe your sound?

Ooh it’s a tricky one… It’s mainly pop but there’s elements of hip-hop and spoken word aswell. I’ve always liked mixing genres… I really like mixing digital with live as well.

Who would you say are your big influences?

That’s also difficult! At the moment I’ve been listening to a lot of Lianna La Havas and a band called Milky Chance from Germany. A lot of different things really!

(At this point we’re interrupted by a fellow camper who had to save a certain GIGsoup writer who couldn’t put up her tent. Charlotte and I bemoan the difficulties of outdoor living before getting back on track… )

Your awesome new single Discover came out recently and went down really well. Every review I’ve read of it has been amazing. That must be pretty cool?

Yeah it’s cool. I guess it’s always quite scary releasing music, especially when it’s your first one. I don’t know, I didn’t expect it to be as successful as it has been!

So you are recording more stuff at the moment?

Yeah, writing a lot and then we’ll record a little bit more and we’ll see what happens!

This Be Charlotte article was written by Suzanne Oswald, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Natalie Whitehouse.

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