GIGsoup had the pleasure of catching up with rising country star Catherine McGrath at the recent C2C festival. The artist has been keeping herself busy with a set of headline tours dates (with more in May to come), a new single ‘Thought It Was Gonna Be Me’ and preparing her new album…

So Catherine, welcome. Great to speak to you again. Tell us how C2C has been for you so far ….

Well, I got to see Kelsea Ballerini, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill – absolutely incredible. I did a C2C‘close up’ session. It was really fun as we get to talk about the songs. I also played an acoustic set at Nylon.  Tonight I get to see Kacey Musgraves,  yeah, it’s kind of the best weekend ever for me!

You’ve had an amazing year so far, so many highlights, but let’s start by talking about how the tour’s been going.

Played my first ever headline show. It sold out in a day, which is just insane! Everybody was singing every single word. I just couldn’t believe it. It was incredible. We’ve got a few more dates coming up. We’ll be playing in London, Manchester and Glasgow in May and I’m excited about that.

So talk us through your first headline gig.

I was so excited.  It was in London and my family are back in Ireland. I was thinking, I really wish my family could be here to see this. Then, right before I went on stage, I turned around in the dressing room and my mum and dad were standing there. They’d come to surprise me.  I cried. They got to see the show and even brought some friends along. It was really nice, although the sound check was a bit stressful – we had issues with the drums. But, we turned it all around just in time for the show. Apparently everyone came running to the front when I came out to sing and stuck around to say hi after.  It was the most incredible night.

What have you enjoyed about touring this time around?

I think it’s that people know the words to my songs now. It’s so amazing that people have listened to the songs enough to know the words and cared enough to come and see me play. That’s incredible and just getting to chat to people. I always love meeting people, hearing what they are up to and why they came to the show.

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Tell us a bit about the new songs you wrote for the album, which will be out in May.

One of them is called ‘Lost in the Middle’. It’s about how country music can transport you to another place. It can take you to any place the song is about, no matter where you are. It’s been cool to sing that here at C2C as people can relate.

We been finishing up, picking the songs and I’ve got to sing a few of them live, but there will be a few surprises.

Some of them were written in Nashville, some here in the UK, some in Ireland. Some of them are about heartbreak and some about who I am. The thing they all have in common is that they reflect my life, particularly over the last two years. It’s great to be able to take people on that journey. It’s been such a cool two years since I moved here to the UK.

One of the new songs that your fans have really connected with is ‘Talk of this town’ Tell us the story behind that

Just generally it’s about people who aren’t very supportive. They prefer to talk negatively about people rather than support them. One day we were chatting about this in the studio and then we started to write the song. It’s amazing that it’s been played on the radio, especially when a friend said I was stupid to move to London.  Ironically, it’s the one everyone’s singing along to. This doesn’t seem stupid to me, I’m having the best time of my life.

How was Nashville this time round?

I got to go to the CMA Awards. It was crazy to get to be a part of that.  Growing up loving country music, admiring Nashville from a far, to get to be a part of that was incredible.

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