Catching up with MYRY

MYRY is a singer-songwriter who is currently based in London in which she twins her lockdown writing with block shifts working as an NHS doctor. Inspired by the likes of Florence + The Machine, Bon Iver and The National, we caught up with MYRY about her life, her writing and her upcoming single – ‘Stuck In A Loop‘.

Hey MYRY, how are you doing?

Exhausted after a block of 12 hour shifts,  but excited for music talk!

We’re in an incredibly difficult time at the moment, how do you juggle music as well as being an NHS doctor?

The emergency rota we are currently on means that we work really intense blocks of days, but we then get a lot of ‘rest’ days off. During those rest days – other than, of course, rest – I play a lot of music. Lockdown has at least given me an excuse to drop most of my other plans, leaving more time for learning, practising and writing. 

Tell us about your musical influences:

I grew up listening to a bit of everything, from rock (I was a huge fan of Guns’n’Roses as a teenager) to rap, hip hop, r&b and soul music, with the occasional dip into classical music, from electronic music and dubstep to foreign music (mostly from Italy, where I am from originally). 

Then I got into indie/alt, pop-rock type thing, and became obsessed with Florence and the Machine, Alt-J, Keaton Henson, The Editors, London Grammar and Daughter. Their music got me through so many years and so many phases of life, they feel like they are part of me, and have certainly influenced my music. More recently, I have also found Billie Eilish and Birdy to be very inspirational. 

Is there a defining moment in your life where you realised music was important to you?

There must have been, but I cannot remember it, as I must have been so young! 

Music has been such a huge part of my life since I was so little. As a child I spent most of my time singing and dancing around the house (or at dance lessons, although being dyspraxic meant that learning choreographies was incredibly difficult for me). 

I joined my school’s choir when I was about 7 and every solo performance got me incredibly excited, even after I outgrew the choir I knew I had to be back on stage at some point. 

I always had it in the back of my head that I could try to make music my main ‘thing’ in life, but I was also really curious about anything remotely medical in school.  There are downsides to having feet in both shoes of course, but knowing the struggle that budding musicians go through, and having grown and learnt so much thanks to my day-to-day medical job, I am glad my parents encouraged me and supported me in committing to both music and medicine. 

You’re set to release your new single ‘Stuck In A Loop’, are you excited to get it out to the world?

So excited! Ghosts was meant as an introduction, so Stuck in a Loop feels like my first ever ‘proper’ single. I had the help of the extremely talented Wulf for the writing side, which made a huge difference. We were actually recording Ghosts in the studio up in Leeds, and whilst we waited for James Kenosha (the producer, who also did an incredible job with both Ghosts and Stuck in a Loop) to do some of the mixing, sat down with ‘an idea’ that Josh (from Wulf) had about a few chords. And then it just flowed. We had what felt like a storm of ideas that just worked together, and by the end of it we couldn’t believe how fast we had come up with our favorite song yet. 

Does the narrative reflect our current climate?

The song was originally meant to be, following the path of Ghosts, about relationships that never quite end, where the two are literally stuck in a loop of trying and failing to part (‘every step away brought me closer’). 

You can listen to it with a completely new set of ears, however, with the lockdown. Both in the sense that we are literally stuck inside, and for some stuck inside with someone (tragically, this has also led in a huge increase in domestic violence), but also in that there is a threat of a seemingly never ending “infections rise – lockdown restrictions tighten – infections fall – lockdown restrictions are eased – infection rise again” loop. 

And finally, if you could curate a 3 day festival, who would be the headline artists?

Day 1: Billie Eilish + Childish Gambino

Day 2: Glass animals + Tame Impala

Day 3: Florence and the machine + The National

Make sure you pre-save the gorgeous upcoming single from MYRY by clicking HERE.

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