Catching up with Cat Janice

Growing up in a musical family, Cat has always had a strong connection to music and learned to play the violin and piano at an early age. She was classically trained for 18 years, spending time in orchestral productions, jazz bands and in the theatre. Hailing from the Washington DC music scene, she is surrounded by incredible musical diversity that influenced her eclectic musical style.

Cat Janice’s brand new single ‘Luxury’ is packed with upbeat and groovy vibes, making it the perfect feel-good summer tune. We caught up with her on the release, Covid-19 and her battle with creativity:

Hey Cat Janice, how are you doing?

I’m doing pretty great! Just finished getting over having COVID so I’m glad to be done with that! Staying busy writing music and enjoying the outdoors.

Tell us about ‘Luxury’:

‘Luxury’ is about that moment, that feeling that you get when you have sudden contentment or bliss that is overwhelming. When you get that body-warming calm while dancing and your mind is completely swept away in the music, or that moment when you step out onto the beach and see the ocean and it’s so inspiring, or when you look into your lover’s eyes and the world melts away…those moments are Luxury. That’s when you feel rich and fulfilled.

What inspired the release? 

The past few years have been emotionally taxing on me and my creativity has struggled with that a bit. But at the beginning of 2020 I promised myself I would start focusing on those blissful moments and enjoy them. The song just kind of came out one evening!

Who do you look up to in life and in music?

I really admire Lana Del Rey’s story and the way she grew into music. Not only is she a unique singer, she’s also an eloquent writer and poet and she often creates the haunting visuals for her work. I really respect artists who have the ability to go above and beyond the writing and production process of music because the art is so much more than that. It’s also about how you present yourself and your visuals on stage for your audience or how you use imagery to express your music in another way. Tame Impala is also a huge favorite for that reason. Not only does Kevin write provoking music but he creates the stage sets, the visuals, and has a huge part to play in the music videos.

If you could have written any song what would it have been?

I wish I had written “Empire State Of Mind” by JAY-Z and Alicia Keys. That song slaps so hard! It gets me going every time it comes on my playlists!

Where do you see yourself this time next year?

I’ve been working on an album for a while now. Right now I’m just focusing on releasing singles but I’m hoping to get the album out there next summer! I was supposed to be going on a mid-Atlantic tour this summer but obviously that’s been postponed. The goal is to get on the road next year and play all of the new music!