Casey Reynolds Chats About Debut EP and His Climb in the Music Industry

Casey Reynolds debuted his first major EP on September 24th entitled The Way That I Am. Casey’s smooth vocals, modern mix of pop and RnB, and lyrical honesty were quickly noticed…. and had us spinning this album on repeat. It’s safe to say that with his debut EP release, Casey has established himself as an up-and-coming artist to watch. Fans seem to think so too as his YouTube has amassed over 5K subscribers and his music is taking off. Needless to say, we had to sit down with Casey and get the inside scoop on his big release and the momentum he is having as an artist. Read below to see what he had to say.

Let’s get started by you telling us about your recent release, ‘The Way That I Am’. This is your first major EP release correct? What has the process been like to create it?

Yes. The process has been insane. I was going through a bunch of things in my personal life and all of these songs just kinda spilled out all within a month and a half time frame. I was stoked to be able to create all of this. Especially to show my transparency to my supporters. 

What inspired the album?

Life lmao 

What’s your favorite song on the album?

“Anxiety”. This was the last song to be made on the project. I made it about a week before this was finished. It was a super last minute song that came together in about 20 min. I made the beat and literally, the whole song just made itself in that same session. It was also my most transparent song on the project. I’m at this point where I just don’t care about what anyone says anymore haha. I’m a glasshouse and I literally want to promote that it’s okay to feel emotion. People are so scared to act like people now-a-days and it’s wild to me. 

Favorite lyrical line?

This line stems from my song “No Love in La” I sing this line in the pre-hook that says “sipping on this drink that’s made for two, I barely know your name hardly know mine too, but that’s all I think I need. LA got that type of thing.” Just stating that everyone in this city is very surface leveled. Im still figuring myself out every day too and thats okay. 

You not only write the lyrics and music, but you also produce. How does that effect the creative process? Did you create this EP by yourself? 

It enhances tenfold. I’m able to really feel what I’m making. I find it hard to even get on beats that I didn’t make unless I had an initial hand in constructing. I take pride in being like “Yo, I’m literally a one man show. I honestly don’t need anyone.” I had no help in learning this thing coming up, so I had to force myself to make it happen. I did create this project myself; however, I’m thankful for the small network I have of producer friends now. Shout outs to my boy from my hometown Reno, NV, Allen Lewis for creating the bass lines for “Anxiety” & “No Love in LA”. Shout outs to my boy Platinum Dyl for creating all the drums for “Stay With You” and shout to my boy Kasper for taking my skeleton of a guitar riff I wrote for “Partially” and turning it into a pop masterpiece. Y’all are the real MVPS. 

Why did you choose the song “The Way That I Am” as the title of the album?

All of these songs were representing a different side of me. I’m also just promoting that it’s okay to be transparent. I often get asked “how do you do what you do, or what made you say this or think this?” My answer often is, it’s just “the way that I am”. I’m also leaning into taking my branding this direction. Being ok with being see through and still being confident enough to be a fire person and thrive.

Tell us about your musical career. How did you get your start? What moments have led you to today?

It stems from being young watching my grandpa play guitar. I was always so intrigued anytime I would watch him play with his friends. I’ve been raised around music my whole life; however, I didn’t start making music until I was 16. I dabbled with dropping stuff but didn’t take it as serious until I was 18. When I was 18 I was like “Yo, I’m a rapper now” and changed my name to D-Rey. That was an era of like 2-3 years I did that. I went on my first tour, got placed on the hometown radio for the first time and initially got a taste of getting a little bit of recognition locally. I was 20-21 now and was over the whole rapper phase. I killed off D-Rey and became my genuine self as “Casey Reynolds” aka Case. I moved to LA at 22 with my business partner who I created a filming production company with (Thats another story I’ll get into when the time is right). I went full fledge into music as hard as I could. No real job, just my production company and music. I’ve been out in LA 2 years with no real job and just a passion for music and filming. Made a crazy network for myself of veterans in the music video industry as well as up and comers in the music circle who have helped shape me into what I am today. Today as of Sep 25th 2019, I have never felt closer to making this happen. My fanbase on Instagram has been insane. The momentum has been insane. The feedback has been insane. I’m really about to do this and I appreciate everyone holding me down. It has been a longgggg time coming. 

What can fans expect next?

New videos, New music. Probably another project soon and more merch. Cant forget the merch.

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