Weirds are a psyche-rock band from Leeds who sound like they’ve taken elements of Oasis, Kasabian and The Jesus and Mary Chain put them in a blender and just left them there. CUTE CUTE DEATH on the other hand have outstripped definitions by proclaiming themselves to be simultaneously Post Hardcore and Progressive Metalcore. CCD speak of inner turmoil, scientific questioning, existence, reality, confusion, and despair, Weirds promise dancing witches, both will be appearing at the Camden Rocks Music Festival in June.

When did your relationship with Camden start? 

(W) I remember reading loads in the NME about bands playing in Camden when I was a kid. When you’re a young teenager, Camden seemed like the coolest place to go to, the market, the venues, the Lock.

(CCD) Ever since I’ve been into rock and metal I’ve had a strong magnetism to Camden. There’s just such a buzz to it… There’s so many different venues, people and independent shops to keep you busy exploring. But the main reason that keeps me coming back is the Underworld. I’ve seen so so many bands I respect and look up to there. I’ve lost count… It’s literally a dream to play there with Cute Cute Death, for me that’s making it… playing somewhere you have been attending yourself for years and seen so many you respect pass through the doors and smash it.

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Have you played in Camden before?

(W) Yeah! We’ve played Lock Tavern and The Stillery, and loved playing at both. Camden has a real history of bands passing through, so its always exciting playing in the area.

(CCD) Yeah, we’ve played The Black Heart just round the corner from the Underworld. Which is a great little venue. We love going back there and we long to see it packed out to the doors like it deserves. But I guess as it’s tucked away in the backstreets I guess people don’t stumble on it so much and it’s kind of an underground scene that lurks there quite happy about that. It’s a quality crowd not quantity. We’ve got some upcoming gigs at the Crowndale (ex purple turtle) so we feel fairly at home in Camden and we hope we keep get invited back. We were lucky to play at Proud Galleries for another Camden Rocks all dayer. That venue is kitted out with one of the best rigs we’ve played! Cant wait to play there again…here’s hoping!

What was your reaction when you knew you would be playing there this year?

(W) Definitely really excited! Camden Rocks has always been a festival we’ve wanted to play at.

(CCD) We were psyched. We’ve been waiting so long to get on a festival and to play our proper festival in Camden is really something special. We hope people make the effort to come down and make a day of it. Party with us after….There are some really great bands on the bill so we are really honoured to be given a shot at it.

From the initial announcement of bands who are you looking forward to seeing?

(CCD) Stoked to see Exist Immortal, When We Were Wolves, Naploeon, Divides and Tigress…. those bands we’ve seen about on the circuit.. haven’t had a chance to check them out live, so it’s a great time to stick around for the whole day and soak up the vibes.

(W) I think we’re looking forward to seeing Yonaka and our labelmates Happy Accidents.

Have you been to Camden Market, what did you buy? 

(W)  Yes, we bought a load of cheap lighters, badly designed t-shirts and churros.

(CCD) Seriously, even granddads have been to Camden market… I’ve been through the market, sober, or very ‘not sober’… mainly come out with T-shirts featuring the usual London comedy or over-sized rizla and copious amounts of chicken and rice.

CUTE CUTE DEATH play this years Camden Rocks

Which Camden venue is the best to play at?

(CCD) For us Proud Galleries cause it has the best sound. But for crowd intimacy the Blackheart would win…

(W) The Lock Tavern is always fun, its great when packed out and sweaty. We’ve always wanted to play at Underworld and Dingwalls too.

Did you know that The Worlds End pub was built on the site of a witch’s house, directly opposite the local gibbet, do you know any Camden trivia?

(CCD) I don’t know any trivia, but it does explain why I appear to exercise my demons a little more when at the worlds end…heh he, spooky!

(W) When we play Camden Rocks, we’re gonna summon that witch and have it dance on stage with us.

Why should I as a gig goer make an effort to see you guys at Camden this year?

(W) Dancing witches.

(CCD) Hopefully we bring something a little different to the table. There is a real sense of feel and struggle within our songs, that we want the audience to absorb… Listen to the themes and the content. We are not just about angst and heartbreak like other bands. our songs have journeys, of inner turmoil and scientific questioning. Existence and reality, confusion, despair. If you don’t relate to any of that then maybe your not human and absorbed by a digital society?

You be the judge, come down to Camden rocks, bring your friends, grab a beer… get some vitamin D walking between venues. Meet new people. End up at some randoms after party. That’s what Camden’s all about… Listen to a huge collection of top bands from the city and give yourself a great start to the summer this June 3rd 2017.

For once, we couldn’t put it better ourselves, tickets HERE

Camden Rocks

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