Camden Rocks ‘In Their Own Words’ – Temple Lake / Avalanche Party

From the wilds of Denmark to the windswept Yorkshire moors there is always a reason to rock. Temple Lake take inspiration from classic stadium rock acts of the seventies and conversely Avalanche Party take theirs from the supposed antidote to the overblown pomposity of these acts, punk. Camden Rocks festival with its eclectic mix is an ideal platform for both these bands and we spoke about their links to the area and the festival

When did your relationship with Camden start?

(AP) Probably when I was around 18/19. My brother Jord and I have generally always had friends to visit who were studying at uni in London. Camden was always mentioned as a place to visit. Love the market and all the food stands etc. Pretty colourful place Camden. Comes across as very inclusive.

(TL) For me personally as the rest of the guys in the band are all originally from Denmark, I have always had an attraction towards Camden as a hub for live music. I saw a lot of older friends in bands play there when I was around 14-15 at venues like The Barfly, Electric Ballroom, The Enterprise etc and I always thought to myself, “this would be an awesome place to play live”! So I guess my love affair with Camden started many years ago… not only is it such a cool place for discovering new music, it’s a great place to hang out and eat & drink! Many a drunken night in Camden I tell ya!

Temple Lake play Camden Rocks on the 3rd June 2017

Have you played in Camden before?

(AP) I think Camden Rocks will actually be our first time playing in Camden

(TL) Yeah many times and each time we love it just as much as the last! We kinda pride ourselves on being a ‘Camden based band’ as our singer Jacob used to live in Mornington Crescent for quite a while so we were always hanging out around the place. We also rehearse in Camden quite frequently at New Rose Studio (named after CRF2017 headliners The Damned’s first single – GIGsoup) on right the way up the top on Camden Road next to The Unicorn pub. As I’ve said before we’ve played a lot of shows in Camden at Undersolo, The Black Heart, Proud etc and it’s just a cool place! You always get an eclectic mix of people at gigs as well which is nice.

What was your reaction when you knew you would be playing there this year?

(AP) One of sheer unadulterated elation. Really capped we’re playing. It looks a fine piece and it’ll actually be finishing off a European tour for us. Known of the festival for a while and lineup looks good fun. Great being a part of it, and we enjoy playing in London.

(TL) Oh it was high fives all around believe me! Camden Rocks Festival has had some great names past and present (Carl Barat, Glen Matlock, The Damned) to name but a few and so we’re really honoured to join that list. It’s also cool to play alongside our good buddies Slydigs who we supported at The Borderline last summer. They’re cool guys so a big shout out to them!

From the announcement of bands so far who are you looking forward to seeing and who would you hope may yet make it on?

(AP) We’re really good mates with The Blinders so will be nice to hopefully catch them. Dynamite band. October Drift from Sheffield are hot cakes too. Pulled Apart By Horses are meant to be good fun live. Probably go see The Coral too. I’d love to see Anvil make it on the lineup.

(TL) As mentioned before, Slydigs are a cool bunch of lads and we really DIG those guys hahaha! However we’re also looking forward to checking out Turbowolf (they’ve been a regular play on my Spotify list of late), Carl Barat and The Jackals (of course), Orange Goblin, Royal Republic and Stone Broken all definitely seem worth a watch! In regards to bands we would like to make it onto the bill, a band we have played a lot of gigs around London with called Leontas would be really cool to see hit the stage. They are a two piece band with a Royal Blood ethos but a very blues rock vibe. Kind of like a two piece Zeppelin haha!

Have you been to Camden Market, what did you buy?

(AP) I have (Joe) but the mists of time have fogged up my memory somewhat. Our Jord went recently though. Think he bought himself a shiny golden blouse

(TL) I have been to Camden Market before but I don’t think I bought anything! I know… shocker! Although they do have some cool stuff in there. Actually tell a lie, I think I bought Black Sabbath Vol. 4 on vinyl for my dad one Xmas. That went down a treat! I’m sure the other guys must have picked up some stuff there before as well. Actually I always hear them talk about a burger van there which is extremely good so that might be worthwhile a little visit!

Which Camden venue is the best to play at?

(TL) I mean we’ve not had a bad experience at any venue in Camden so far but I would have to say our Camden Rocks Presents gig at Proud a few weeks back. It was the launch night of our EP which is now live on iTunes & Spotify, (you know what to do people), and the sound and lighting was fantastic! The guys there did an excellent job!

Camden Starbucks used to be the Lock-keeper’s lodge, do you know any Camden trivia?

(AP) Bob Dylan played his first UK gig in Camden? Pretty sure that’s a pub quiz winner. Apparently Tulisa of dodgy rapper sex tape fame was born in Camden. Also a winner.

(TL) I actually picked up some the other day from a neighbour of mine who used to watch a lot of bands in the 60’s & 70’s in Camden… In 1846 The Roundhouse was built as a turntable engine shed (or roundhouse) for the London and Birmingham Railway and was known as the Great Circular Engine House, or the Luggage Engine House. To add to this, from 1871 for roughly 50 years or more The Roundhouse was also used as a bonded warehouse for Gin distillers W & A Gilbey Ltd. I mean that whole paragraph was taken from Wikipedia because I forgot bits and pieces to the stories hahaha but these are true pieces of Camden history!

Why should I as a gig goer make an effort to see you guys at Camden this year?

(AP) Glancing at the line up suggests we’ll have a bit of a different sound to most of the bands for one. But yeah, if you like loud, energetic music, blouses and torsos this is probably the gig for you. The musical press often describe us as “feral” so if that sounds your bag come on in and sweat. We’ll have just been out to Europe too, so it’ll be a cultured affair.

(TL) Well I think we’re just trying to do something a bit different… (most over used phrase by any band)! No but seriously we’re infusing our love for 70’s stadium rock with the intensity and dynamic aggression of the 90’s Seattle grunge scene. Think Pearl Jam and Queens of The Stone Age blended with Zeppelin, then drizzled on top with The Doors and Pink Floyd for that psychedelic edge!

In the age-old battle of punk versus prog rock, you can decide the winner. Does victory go to those loud and energetic northerners with shiny golden blouses and skinny torsos or is it instead psychedelia drizzled Zeppelin grunge backed up by well researched train information? Only Camden Rocks has the answer, tickets HERE

Avalanche Party Photo Credit : Rory Sansom