Camden Rocks ‘In Their Own Words’ – Panic Island

Panic Island are a band in the vein of many typical modern alternative rock bands. Driven by catchy hooks and solid guitar work they fuse the sounds of established bands such as QOTSA, Foo Fighters with the pop sensibilities of The Amazons. What’s more, all of them answered all our questions about Camden and the festival so we think they’re good value for money too, and funny. Caution though: the following article contains ‘facts’ which may not necessarily be true. Take it away Arron Sans, Vinnie M, George Todd and Jorge Gill..

When did your relationship with Camden start?

A – I remember asking my dad where I could get a cool leather jacket like Joe Strummer or something. He said Camden would nail it. So from that moment it was put up on a pedestal!

G – We met at a party a few years ago, saw each other from across the room and I knew it was love at first sight.

J – I wouldn’t quite say I’m really in a relationship with Camden but my first memories of Camden was going to all the shops with my mates and buying weird stuff haha! we were like 12.

V – When I first set foot on the area. It instantly blew my mind, it felt like the coolest most rock place I’d ever been.

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Have you played in Camden before? 

Yeah man!! I don’t think you can call yourself a London band if you haven’t played in Camden!

What was your reaction when you knew you would be playing there this year?

J – I cracked open a cold one with the boys! Only joking i found out in the morning so i enjoyed a really good cup of tea with my mum.

G – I fainted, turns out I pissed my pants as well……all with excitement.

A – Honestly, I rang my sister, I had to tell her that I wouldn’t be making her wedding!

V – I did a little Egyptian dance.

From the bands so far who are you looking forward to seeing and who would you hope may yet make it on?

A – Turbowolf are a favourite. Hands off Gretel will be ace too! But I’m really excited to see some mates play, esp Blackwaters, they’re so hot right now.

G – Looking forward to seeing Feeder and catching a load of bands I haven’t heard before.

J – Yeah, I really wanna see TurboWolf! such a cool band, also Stone Broken.

V – Looking forward to the Virginmarys, Imperial Leisure and any unknown bands that make me headbang.

Have you been to Camden Market, what did you buy?

G – Yes, Chinese food and some drugs.

A – Got the leather jacket and then a sugar fix from ‘Cronuts & Donuts’, I was buzzing!

J – Just a bunch of (alledgedly – GIGsoup) illegal stuff.

V – Rihanna tshirt.

Which Camden venue is the best to play at?

J – I really love the Hawley Arms, really nice people working theres always a party afterwards

A – The monarch is a wicked venue, I love it when passers by crowd the windows when we play! Can’t wait to play The Pack & Carriage at Camden Rocks Fest though!

V – The Barfly (now renamed Camden Assembly – GIGsoup) will always hold a special place in my heart.

Both Mary Shelly (Frankenstein) and George Orwell (1984) lived in Camden, do you know any Camden trivia or even some entirely unsubstantiated rumours?

A – I heard that one of the bollards on the high street has 10 grammes of cocaine in an unscrew-able top!

G – I was on Ecstasy and broke up a fight between two big guys but I got punched in the face.

J – Some really old guy told me there’s a hobbit that ventures the streets at night and you can only see him after you eat mushrooms…

V – A bit of advice instead: no photos with the punks by the canal. Trust me.

Why should I as a gig goer make an effort to see you guys at Camden this year?

You shouldn’t. It could mess your head up in unimaginable ways.

If you wish to be part of this tale of involuntary urination, familial disappointment, Egyptian dancing and therapy inducing performances then Panic Island are waiting for you. Be scared, very scared.

Anyone interested in seeing Panic Island perform on the day can get cheaper tickets through the band here: www.panicisland.com/camrocfest17