Catchy, infectious and chant worthy tunes delivered with an excess of energy and enthusiasm these are the hallmarks of this bunch of lads from across the globe. MOSES talk to GIGsoup about how to get on in the music industry, their very close links to Camden Rocks Music Festival and their love of foooood (sic).

When did your relationship with Camden start? 

Hm. We had just started the band, playing together for less than a year and were already gigging all over London. All we dreamed about was playing at festivals, so we started sending hundreds of emails to all UK Music Festivals, hoping for replies. We were quite fresh, didn’t have many recordings at the time, but kept on applying. Imagine how excited we were when we got a positive reply from Chris McCormack, the Camden Rocks mastermind, telling us he loved our music and that he wanted to see us play live ASAP. This was a huge chance for us. 

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Have you played in Camden before?

Well, yeah, we played all over Camden! That’s the number 1 thing you do  as a fresh band – play as much as possible. We did Barfly, Monarch, Black Heart and many other Camden venues. The Electric Ballroom last year at the Festival was incredibly awesome– it was our first big stage gig. But of course headlining KOKO and play Roundhouse opening for ASH were the main events regarding Camden venues.

What was your reaction when you knew you would be playing there this year?

Well, we feel really privileged to be a part of this. Camden Rocks is one of those landmarks keeping the true Camden spirit alive – good music, good venues and good rum. Having so many cool acts going on for a whole day in all those legendary venues is something necessary in the world we live in. It’s the best statement there is to prove that rock music is here to stay and that people creating it, loving it and singing along will never give up. 

From the initial announcement of bands who are you looking forward to seeing?

Young Kato, Fizzy Blood and The Damned are just a few. But it’s the surprises that we love at this festival. Randomly going inside a venue, getting a beer and being blown away by an act you didn’t plan on seeing. 

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Have you been to Camden Market, what did you buy?

 Fooood! Asian or Pizza or sausages or wraps – we could talk about this for hours! Oh, and it’s also where we get band t-shirts from. 

 Which Camden venue is the best to play at? 

This is always difficult to answer. It might sound like fantasy, but we loved each and every single place we played in Camden. Barfly’s legendary, Monarch has that awesome huge window behind the stage, The Underworld is a landmark, The Black Heart has an incredible atmosphere, Roundhouse,The Electric Ballroom, KOKO  are huge and this can go on forever. There’s definitely no good or bad venue at Camden Rocks and all acts we’ve seen were very well curated. There’s a good crowd everywhere. People come to Camden Rocks because they love the music, they love the venues and the spirit of it all. 

Did you know that The Worlds End pub was built on the site of a witch’s house, directly opposite the local gibbet, do you know any Camden trivia?

Not exactly this kind of trivia. What we do know is that you can make a long list of huge bands that started out and were spotted in Camden venues

Why should I as a gig goer make an effort to see you guys at Camden this year?

Loads of reasons…because we can make you feel good and because our music is great and also they say we are one of the bests live acts from UK – (As one of ‘they’ I’d have to agree – GIGsoup)

Camden Rocks Music Festival is on 3rd June 2017 buy tickets HERE
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