Camden Rocks “In Their Own Words” – The Kut

Princess Maha of ‘basement rock’ band The Kut is used to people asking her if that’s her real name, even Facebook has done it, but as the great bard wrote “a rose by any other name would still smell sweet”. Sweet maybe be pushing it a little and anyway GIGsoup would much rather find out why she ended up in Camden “bra-less, wearing 6 inch red platforms”…read on.

When did your relationship with Camden start?

I’ve loved Camden since I was a kid. When I was living in Blackpool, I’d come to visit London and see my big sister.  It wasn’t strange to have coloured hair or look alternative, it was like a home away from home.  I’ve had an affinity with it ever since.  I’ll head down there on the odd weekend now, and maybe grab a pint in The Good Mixer – which happens to be my favourite pub in London!

Have you played in Camden before? 

Aw yeah, we’ve played Camden the most out of all the areas in London.  When The Kut first formed, it was all very much about the partying, a couple of times a little too much before the gig – it’s a thing I’ve kicked to the curb now.  It wasn’t really a show back then, it was more an opportunity to observe if I’d stumble off stage in three inch stilettos. I’ve got pretty good balance!  So while more recently we’ve played the best shows of our lives in Camden, in the early days, I also played the worst show of my life in Camden.  I was far too drunk on vodka orange and I was sick side stage.  I don’t drink more than a pint before a show now.  I didn’t remember a thing. It was a mess. I really felt like I’d let myself down and the girls. There was probably only about 20 people there at the show back then, but for the next three years whenever the band came up with anyone new I met, they’d be like… Oh yeah, I saw you at… and it would be THAT SHOW!  I’d never do that now though, because I mean, people have paid to come and watch us and I really don’t see the point in being a hard working musician, to then blow it on the night because you are too drunk.  I’m probably not the only person in the world to have got too drunk, but still I’ve had to grow up a lot.  Since then we’ve been fortunate enough to play sold out shows in places like The Underworld, The Barfly (RIP) and more recently The Black Heart.  We’ve also had brilliant shows at Nightmare Festival and more recently Camden Rocks.  We kicked off the day at The Crowndale at midday, and we were so happy that so many people had come to catch our set.  Our crowd loves Camden and it basically feels like having a party in your front room, except you get smashed after, and actually perform like your life depends on it. When we played at Proud to headline the Camden Rocks Xmas Ball in December, we saw so many familiar faces from all our recent touring, it was electric. It’s always like a homecoming, even when we’ve just rocked up from around the corner.

What was your reaction when you knew you would be playing there this year?

I was totally over the moon, as were the girls. I mean, we always like working with the Camden Rocks team. They put on some great events. Chris has really got his ear to the ground – you see so many great bands that have been hitting it on the circuit.  He’s always really on it with communication too.  What he’s doing is a real credit to Camden and the underground London scene.  Last time we played we lost our car though, and spent a long time looking for it with an interviewer friend of ours, it was kind of embarrassing haha. We ended up doing the interview in the park and then looking some more. Remembering where the car is ranks pretty highly on the list this year.

From the bands announced so far who do you want to see at this years Camden Rocks Festival?

Definitely The Damned. We missed them at Rebellion last year as we had an aftershow gig after our Rebellion gig, so it will be great to see them. Quite a few of our crowd also missed them because of that, so it will be nice to get to see them finally, en mass.  They’ve been on my gig hit list for some time now.  I’ve seen Orange Goblin before by chance at The Underworld, and they were epic, so I’d definitely like to see them again. There’s also some great bands we know that are playing that are worth checking out – Hands off Gretel, Millie Mander & The Shutup, Straight Lines, Louise Distras, Stereo Juggernaut, Black Sixteen.  All those bands have been hitting it these last couple of years and deserve a look in.  I’m sure there’s lots more gems to be found, so we’ll be on the lookout too.

Have you been to Camden Market, what did you buy?

Haha probably half of my wardrobe. I had a big thing for corsets for a while and there’s a lot of cool ones in Camden. Although Camden always supplies a staple diet of hair dye that I can fill up my bathroom cabinet with.  On other occasions I have been to Camden when I want to be ushered into some really pushy shop and sold a new life for the day. I remember going into Camden with jeans and a t-shirt one Saturday, being ushered into the French owned punk shop with three floors near to The Elephants Head, and coming back out in a red tartan zip front mini dress, braless, wearing 6 inch red platforms.  This is one of the many reasons to love the delights of Camden.  I’ve also got some great boots from Camden, including my regular black patent ones, and the silver glitter ankle boots. Shopping is the reason to both go to and avoid Camden.

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Which Camden venue is the best to play at? 

There’s so many great venues in Camden, it’s a really tough call, but if I was squeezed to pick one, I’d end up with a few, but in no particular order, that list would be.. completely confidential 🙂 

Why should I as a gig goer make an effort to see you guys at Camden this year?

Camden Rocks is going to be a great big show for us..  We really don’t play so many London gigs, because we end up touring in blocks, so this will be a great excuse to come out and play.

What more could you want? Tales of orange vodka vomit, dubious wardrobe choices and sensible car parking advise too. The Kut are more than a hard rocking all girl grunge outfit they’re the complete package, balls and all, see them at Camden Rocks Festival on 3rd June and be prepared for anything. Tickets HERE

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