Those of you of a nautical nature may be interested to know that KidBrother’s new single ‘A Draught I Want’ is to be launched with a party on March 30th on a boat, yes really. They are an angst fueled alternative UK five piece from the Isle of Man who realised that London was the place to be. Camden will host these young men as they perform on a non floating stage at the Camden Rocks festival. We spoke to bass player Ffin, a man with a name just too effing good, about last minute birthday presents and swimming in human waste.

When did your relationship with Camden start?

I’ve been visiting Camden since I was a kid, even lived there for a year with family when I first moved to London from the Isle of Man in 2012. I remember I just missed seeing Kill it Kid play Camden Crawl that Spring and I was absolutely fucking gutted haha.

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Have you played in Camden before?

Plenty of times! The Black Heart is like our home away from home these days, packed out our first ever headline show at that venue and have staggered out of there towards Café Metro for a steak baguette more times than I can count.

What was your reaction when you knew you would be playing there this year?

Pretty humbling to be asked, it’s a prestigious festival that’s put on some of our favourite bands in the past and we didn’t think we’d get a look in! It’s real lovely to be considered. . 

From the announcement of bands so far who are you looking forward to seeing?

I managed to catch Cortes last year and they really blew me away, Also bands like Happy Accidents I’m really excited to see again! Also Veridian, Max Raptor, Napoleon, Massmatiks and of course \m/The Damned\m/ are all going to be phenomenal.

Have you been to Camden Market, what did you buy?

Bang Bang Chicken forever. Also whenever I’m stuck for birthday/Christmas presents the market is where I’ll head. I’m not going to elaborate though because if my family read this, I don’t want them knowing which of their presents were bought last minute.

Which Camden venue is the best to play at?

The Black Heart has definitely been really good to us. Very sweaty, very good vibe, very good beer.

Did you know that The Worlds End pub was built on the site of a witch’s house, directly opposite the local gibbet, do you know any Camden trivia?

That’s rad, I did just have to google what a ‘gibbet’ was though. Not so much trivia but I once saw a man jump into the canal for a laugh, I feel like this is an effect Camden can have on people and it still baffles me why anyone would do that for some funnies (there’s poopoo in there).

Why should I as a gig goer make an effort to see you guys at Camden this year?

We execute a driven set that is often visceral and always incredibly honest. Our content is unashamedly explicit with emotion and we try our hardest to make every single body in the room exposed to our music understand how we felt when we wrote our songs. It can be pretty intense but we also love drinking beers and talking at length about music with people (tends to happen often at music festivals) so if you’re into that and like hanging out, we’re your boys.

Intense and explicit, emotional and honest, these boys know how to rock, see them on a boat or on dry land at Camden Rocks. Tickets HERE

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