Hands Off Gretel are a girl fronted grungy noisy rock band who do everything themselves. Whereas most mums would tell their little girl to get a real job, singer Lauren Tate’s mum instead decided to join in. Now with their first (self released) album out in the public eye and their own range of (self made, self sold) merchandise available via the website. GIGsoup were wondering if there was anything else they wanted? Only to headline Camden Rocks, of course!

When did your relationship with Camden start?

I came to Camden 6 years ago when I was only 14 after hearing about the markets. The first time I came to Camden I was pretty normal looking, the second time I came to Camden within a few months I had vibrant pink dread falls a pair of goth boots and I’d started stretching my ears! Everyone I looked at in Camden inspired me, I was just walking around saying “coooooooool” to everything and I knew from that point I had to eventually play my music there. I loved how multi-cultural it was, everyone had their place at making Camden a rainbow of colour.

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Have you played in Camden before?

Over the past few years Camden has become more of a hometown to us that our actual hometown, we play here more often because we get such a good response here. Our following is ever growing and a lot of our international fans travel to Camden to see our show then enjoy the town itself, it’s my favourite place to play there’s just so many different people it never feels the same.

What was your reaction when you knew you would be playing there this year?

I’m always so excited when they ask us back. Each year I imagine maybe we won’t be invited but that’s just my self doubt bitching with me haha! I was over the moon when I saw our name even higher up on the bill this year, shout out to our good friend Chris McCormack for helping us out with that. It’s such an achievement having our band from South Yorkshire sitting high up there, I guess the dream is to push that little name right up to the top of the bill someday.

From the initial announcement of bands who are you looking forward to seeing?

Really excited to see The Damned for obvious reasons, but more so excited to watch all the new upcoming bands like ‘Blinders’ who I’m a super secret (not any more – GIGsoup) fan of and Love Zombies who supported L7 not so long back! I’m just gonna get very drunk and not plan much, i always find the best music when i’m not looking for it. I love watching the smaller bands while people queue for hours to see the big ones, i’m always looking for my next favourite band and the music i like is never really commercially liked as much.

Have you been to Camden Market, what did you buy?

Everything!! Especially dresses, i was so inspired by the fashion there i came home a hippie-punk-cyber-goth-rockabilly.

Which Camden venue is the best to play at?

I really enjoyed playing the Monarch most! But I hope for Electric Ballroom someday!

Do you know any Camden trivia?

I’ve heard about the ghosts in the tube stations but that’s enough for me!

Why should I as a gig goer make an effort to see you guys at Camden this year?

Because i honestly believe there isn’t many girl fronted bands like us on the bill this year and we are gonna politely kick Camden’s a$$ that’s why! HAHA! We will give people a show, good or bad, i’m confident people will go away feeling empowered to either make music or make better music that us! That’s always my aim, we don’t just stand still and play our songs note for note, we make a bit of a mess.

Not quite at the top yet but heading there, see Hands Off Gretel at Camden Rocks this June 3rd, tickets here: http://camdenrocks.seetickets.com/event/camden-rocks-festival-2017/various-camden-venues-london/990164


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