Shea Rafferty, in common with Kylie, Madonna, Elvis and Simba, goes by a single, simple moniker: Shea. Similarly his music is from the stripped down side of the rock genre. Looking comfortable whether backed by his band or just him and a guitar he writes songs which appeal to the traditional roots of guitar music. Goan Dogs dance spectacularly, proving that dad dancing can be cool as long as you don’t try and showing that you can write serious pop songs, played on guitars but you don’t need to be miserable. We spoke to these diverse acts about Camden and the festival.

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When did your relationship with Camden start?

(GD) Some of our first gigs in London were in Camden and its treated us well. Black Cat Cafe for a mini fest was a highlight. Packed and some dancing on tables happened later on in the evening. Always a sure fire sign of a NIGHT.

(SR) I live in London a long time now (over 10 years) so I have been going to Camden solid over the years. The music seen there is the hub of london and I got involved with it through friends who loved the same thing as myself. Before social media!!

What was your reaction when you knew you would be playing there this year?

(SR) I started Playing the very first Camden rocks festival which was back I think in 2008 (don’t quote me) (we wont, it was 2009 – GIGsoup) when It was only a small festival and I was asked to play it at the Prince of Wales pub (which is now flats) There was very little social media for it back then but the vibe was still great for it and I had a ball back then playing to a packed out venue. I have played it almost every year since that. I love playing it.You know nothing is certain and I take nothing for granted so when I was asked this year again I was honoured. Its always a pleasure to play Camden Rocks.

(GD) We were excited to get back to Camden! Especially as part of a festival –  its always a bit more raucous. 

From the  bands so far who are you looking forward to seeing and who would you hope may yet make it on?

(SR) Looking forward to seeing Carl Barat and the Jackals. The Virginmary’s are always a fun band to see and the lads MOSES I have been following them for a while now and have become friends so they will make a scene.

(GD) Looking forward to seeing Duncan Reid & the Big Heads (purely because of the name…) Otzeki are great, they supported us at a great show at Birthdays in Dalston. If they’re not on the bill then they should be. 

Have you been to Camden Market, what did you buy?

(GD) I think I bought a Bob Marley poster there when I was 12 and that poster of a kitten hanging from a branch saying “Oh Shit.” An absolute classic.

(SR) Ha. Many times. Half of it I don’t remember:) 

Which Camden venue is the best to play at?

(GD) From our experience Black Cat Cafe above the …. Pub is a great little venue. 

The word ‘Camden’ means ‘hidden hill’  do you know any Camden trivia or even some entirely unsubstantiated rumours?

(GD) Camden has a Morrisons. Morrisons is a good supermarket (we can confirm this as fact -GIGsoup)

Why should I as a gig goer make an effort to see you guys at Camden this year?

(SR) Well one thing is for sure I give it all at my gigs. As a singer song writer and playing the acoustic stage in the Brewdog I rock it out and get the whole crowd involved like a full band gig. It gets sweaty in there:)) 

(GD) We’ve just been in the studio recording some new tunes which you’ll be able to hear at the show as well as our last four singles that have taken dancing to a new level. Check out the music videos. We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

Whatever your jam find something you like at Camden Rocks In June, tickets here:
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