Camden Rocks "In Their Own Words" - Frauds / Forte

Camden Rocks “In Their Own Words” – Frauds / Forte

If you‘re interested in punk butterflies and short term amnesia then Frauds, a modern two piece punk band and Forte, an alternative indie band with big tunes (and bigger thirst by the sound of it) are here with their reasons why Camden Rocks is the place hang out this June. 

And whoever has the Forte lad’s John Lennon t shirt please give it back, thank you, unless it’s with the rats in which case best to leave it be.. 

When did your relationship with Camden start?  

(Frauds) When I first got into alternative music (as a spotty 15 year old from Croydon) Camden was like a mecca to me. I used to visit Camden maybe once or twice a month to buy T Shirts or just to hang out with like minded people. I hope it still feels the same to young  people today because it was so exciting and inspiring to me. It was a gateway to being able to feel comfortable in myself and just being fundamentally excited about music. I would go up there on my own armed solely with my Walkman in the back pocket of my baggy jeans and my £20 paper round money to purchase band t shirt’s and second hand cd’s. You didn’t need a group because you’d meet so many people doing the same thing. It felt natural to ask a complete stranger what they were buying and start up a conversation.  I remember the first time I heard Million Dead’s “A Song To Ruin” was when I was illegally drinking cans of beer on the canal with strangers, it was beautiful. 

(Forte) I’ve been going to Camden ever since I can remember. We would go there Friday night and come home Monday morning. I can’t go into what happened in between for obvious reasons but mainly coz Camden has cost me a lot of brain cells. 

Have you played in Camden before? 

(Forte) Yeah we play Camden all the time. We feel at home here and the scene is alive and kicking again. I guess we have a bit of a love affair with the place. Camden only has to look at me in a certain way and I come running 

(Frauds) We have played Camden a few times at The Blackheart, Lock Tavern and Dublin Castle.  

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What was your reaction when you knew you would be playing there this year? 

(Forte) I was like ” meh! “, no it’s great for a band like us. This will be my third time playing the festival and it’s always an experience I can’t remember. Some of the boys haven’t played before so they’re buzzing to play. 

(Frauds) Stoked! As we really wanted to play the festival last year as a few of our friends bands were playing and the atmosphere was ace.  

From the initial announcement of bands who are you looking forward to seeing? 

(Frauds) The Damned! Croydon is currently celebrating its 40 years of Punk so to be on the same bill as them and to be from the same town (Captain Sensible used to clean toilets at Croydon Town Hall – GIGsoup) just feels a little romantic and it gave me the “Punk Butterflies”  

(Forte) Forte, I hear they’re all right… 

Have you been to Camden Market, what did you buy? 

(Forte) Yes but mainly weed and crepes. I did buy a John Lennon T-shirt there once that said “Imagine there’s no Yoko!” I loved that shirt and I can’t find it now. Someone’s got it and I want it back!!! 

(Frauds) Many, many, many times.. Many, many, many things.. I got a second hand copy of Interpol’s “Turn On The Bright Lights” (celebrating its 15th anniversary read about it at GIGsoup) on one of my many trips in my formative youth. That album really engaged me and introduced to me the whole world of the New York punk & indie scene. It was at the time when I was being sold Nu Metal (which I bought, I bought  big time) but this music resonated with me on a different level and it wasn’t too long before I found Sonic Youth, Patti Smith & Television. This journey then lead to the Washington punk scene and specifically to Fugazi and the whole Dischord records thing and I haven’t looked back since. 

Frauds play this years Camden Rocks

Which Camden venue is the best to play at? 

(Frauds) Black Heart is my favorite venue to play as its the perfect size and the sound is siccccck. 

(Forte) They all have their own charms but we played Proud just before Xmas and tore the roof off so that one sticks in the memory at the moment. I like Dingwalls. I think we are playing Dingwalls this time around. 

Did you know that The Worlds End pub was built on the site of a witch’s house, directly opposite the local gibbet, do you know any Camden trivia? 

(Frauds) This is disgusting and probably BS but a good friend of mine told me that in the sewers underneath Camden is a ginormous rat pit and its impossible to deal with (due to the incredible rate that rats procreate). All of the sewers meet up at this one point under Camden and Rats just end up there feasting on all the crap that’s down there… not a selling point but the only trivia I know. 

(Forte) We didn’t know that! The only Camden trivia we know is that Marilyn Manson buys his huge gothic boots from Camden which is pretty cool.  

Why should I as a gig goer make an effort to see you guys at Camden this year? 

(Frauds) We LOVE playing and we pour all of our energy and love into our performance. We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we do take the music seriously and I’ve never been more confident in ourselves to always deliver an enthralling set of energy. We sound big, we sound brash and we always have a smile on our faces. 

(Forte) It’s easy to say we’re not your average indie band. All indie bands would say that though I assume. We feel we are more epic rock n roll with huge guitar sounds, meaningful lyrics and a nutcase drum banger. We try to write big songs that can be enjoyed the second you hear them, show-ers and grow-ers! We may not be everyone’s cuppa tea but hey ho… that’s music. 

Camden Rocks Music Festival is on 3rd June 2017 buy tickets HERE:
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