Camden Rocks 'In Their Own Words' - Curse of Lono

Camden Rocks ‘In Their Own Words’ – Curse of Lono

Curse of Lono play ‘Cinematic Southern Gothic alt Rock music’ a definition as supremely vague as it is long. They sound like a exotic mix of The Doors, Jim Jones and The Cure. If The Munsters formed a band with Muddy Waters they would sound a bit like this. They have a new album out on April 7th so possibly at the risk of our immortal soul we spoke to Felix about their upcoming appearance early in the day at Camden Rocks. 

When did your relationship with Camden start?

When I was 18. I moved to London shortly after I got kicked out of school and spent most my time hanging around Camden. For a kid who grew up in the countryside it felt like Disney Land. Cheap t-shirts, live music at every corner, drugs, young chicks with loose morals. It was what my teenage dreams were made of.

Have you played in Camden before?

Yes. Our second ever gig was at Our Black Heart and last year we played at Dingwalls with The Sheepdogs and at a Camden Rocks preview club night at the old Barfly which is now The Camden Assembly.

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What was your reaction when you knew you would be playing there this year?

We’re all very excited to be part of it. There are so many festivals around the country but it’s very special to play one that’s right in the beating heart of London.

From the bands so far who are you looking forward to seeing and who would you hope may yet make it on?

I’m really looking forward to seeing The Coral and Moses are always pretty mental. Other than that I’m looking forward to drifting from bar to bar and seeing what catches my ears

Have you been to Camden Market, what did you buy?

I used to spend half my life at Camden Market. The last time I went was last year when we played at Dingwalls. I bought a cheap pair of sunglasses and a pipe for a friend.

Which Camden venue is the best to play at?

Dingwalls. I love that place. I’ve played there 3 or 4 times and it’s always a great gig.

Both Mary Shelley (Frankenstein) and George Orwell (1984) lived in Camden, do you know any Camden trivia or even some entirely unsubstantiated rumours?

There are catacombs under Camden Market which they used to use as stables. Oh, and didn’t Jack The Ripper kill one of his victims in Camden?

Why should I as a gig goer make an effort to see you guys at Camden this year?

As far as we know, we’re the only band on the planet who claim to play Cinematic Southern Gothic alt Rock (whatever that means). Imagine a cross between The Band and The Doors. Not everyone will like what we do but for those that do, I very much doubt they’ll hear anything else like us that day. On top of that, we’re on nice and early. I think we must be the only band on the bill who asked for an earlier slot as our guitarist has to be in Birmingham that evening and we’re playing the Wychwood Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse the next day. We’re on at 1pm at The Good Mixer, the perfect place to start your Camden Rocks adventure.

In case you were wondering, ‘Lono’ is a Hawaiian god of peace and The Curse of Lono is a book by Hunter S Thompson. Mean and moody but entertaining and educational, there are many reasons to catch them at Camden Rocks this June, tickets HERE

Alternatively they are having an album launch on May 20th, details HERE 

Camden Rocks - Feeder headlining and further acts announced

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