Camden Rocks ‘In Their Own Words’ – We Came From Wolves

We Came From Wolves are wrong.

We actually came from apes, or Eden, or giant alien lizards depending on your point of view (or mental state). What they maybe right about though is that they are ‘heavy pop’, a previously unknown but quite apt definition. Playing at Camden Rocks Festival this year (because as yet there is no Camden Heavy Pop Festival) they answered some questions for us and we discovered that they are currently super handsome but may not be after a prearranged bust up with another band with a Lupine-based moniker.

When did your relationship with Camden start?

We first played Camden on our first UK tour with the band in 2011 at The Dublin Castle. I remember hearing stories from loads of bands I knew who toured saying how much they loved the place and when we got there just thinking it was the epitome of a London boozer!

So you’ve played in Camden before?

Yeah, we’ve played The Dublin Castle 3 times and Camden Proud just a few weeks ago. We love the vibe of the place and have all been down in a non-touring capacity as well to see some gigs at the roundhouse over the years, the market is ace and it’s generally a place I’ve found to be full of creative people with good vibes, which is exactly what we love!

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What was your reaction when you knew you would be playing there this year?

Buzzing! We played the Camden Rocks showcase at Proud not thinking this would lead to a spot on the bill but just knowing it would be a cool show. We were invited down and due to some calendar clashes, weren’t able to book any shows around it, so literally drove in the van down to Camden for the show, crashed the night and drove back up… there was a band on the bill before us from the Midlands proclaiming “no one has come further than us tonight, show some appreciation”… we had a wee giggle at that one!

From the announcement of bands so far who are you looking forward to seeing and who would you hope may yet make it on?

Our friends “Divides” are playing so it will be good to hang with them for a bit, Pulled Apart by Horses are ace, so will be great to check them out, we know the tour manager of Milburn so will be nice to catch up with him and we are set to fight the lovely lads from “When We Were Wolves” to the death over the rights to keep our respective band names!

Have you been to Camden Market, what did you buy?

Yeah, as above we love a wander round the market… I don’t think any of us are impulsive buyers – we like to walk past a few times and really consider our purchase (!), so not much has been bought over the years, but one day it was VERY sunny so we bought a few genuine article Ray Bans for just £5 a pair… they were DEFINITELY legit.

Which Camden venue is the best to play at?

We’ve only played The Dublin Castle and Proud and out of those two I’d have to say Proud, but from Koko, Underworld and the Roundhouse… there are plenty we’d like to have a go at!

Camden Starbucks used to be the Lock-keeper’s lodge, do you know any Camden trivia?

Only that Amy Winehouse is literally a goddess there… I hear if you whisper the lyrics to “Rehab” whilst having a pint at The Worlds End, freaky shizz will happen

Why should I as a gig goer make an effort to see you guys at Camden this year?

1. We are super handsome with exotic accents.
2. We have really good songs – they are catchy, but heavy, emotional and relate-able and you’ll get a right dose of the feels and a chance to bang your head and throw me around in the crowd!
3. We give absolutely everything on stage. So, if you want to see a band that plays every show as if it’s their last, come say hello!
4. We are really friendly guys and will be hanging around and soaking up the whole night after we play, so if you wanna make some new pals as well as a new favourite band… kill two birds with one stone!

Killing birds and fighting with other wolves? It’s a veritable guitar centred, heavy pop, widlife bonanza, why wouldn’t you

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