Aaron Buchanan and The Cult Classics are not so much a band as a musical conglomerate, even a force of nature. Aaron Buchanan may have his name in the title but he is only the figurehead of this particular musical odyssey. Having left (the now defunct) Heavens Basement he has put together a crew (including his sister) who live for music and with “The Man With Stars On His Knees” to be released on May 26th their performance at Camden Rocks eight days later is sure to be quite an event, here’s why..

When did your relationship with Camden start?

Legit don’t have a story about finding out about Camden Rocks fest! – basically, I saw our name  (Heaven’s Basement in 2014) on a flyer with Skindred and was like “oh, i guess that’s another day away on the road!” – totally legit.

Have you played in Camden before?

I’ve played in Camden many times, started at The Purple Turtle, then Barfly, worked up to The Underworld, was lucky enough to sell out The Electric Ballroom in 2014 and also played to a sold out Camden Roundhouse. You could indeed say I have been around the block once or twice!

What was your reaction when you knew you would be playing there this year?

Aye, it was a pleasant surprise to feel that a band as new as this is in demand. A lot of thought, effort and time has gone into making The Man With Stars On His Knees album an enjoyable listen and likewise, the mixture of both HB and Cult Classics music a tight and desirable set. I’m quite sure whoever turns up will have a great time, and that’s what playing a rock show is supposed to be about. My last experience at the festival was to a capacity-to-the-max Underworld audience, I hope to see a few of those faces this year.

From the bands announced already who are you looking forward to seeing ?

The priority for the day is to go and see my friend Kier’s band “INKLINGS”, and shortly after no doubt, finding a bar with whatever band sounds good and drinking. I’ll let you know if we stumble across a gem or two!

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Have you been to Camden Market, what did you buy?

Back in the day, I had very long curly hair, it was pretty much a lions mane with some dreads under the main bulk. I’ve been to Camden Market many, many times and always end up passing through a little chain of almost secret stores in Camden called “Tribu” who have always done some very eclectic and interesting pieces of jewellery. A friend of mine also got me addicted to Hash Burger just opposite The Electric Ballroom and it’s now pretty much a date whenever I play there!

Which Camden venue is the best to play at?

Each of the various venues I have played there have their own little thing going for them, and if you know your audience well and understand what is going to work best on a particular tour (we’re talking headline here…) they can all be very exciting gigs That being said – who doesn’t enjoy selling out the biggest ones on offer? I had a ball at The Electric Ballroom and had a blast supporting a friends band that had sold out The Camden Roundhouse. It’s those moments that we as musicians strive for, as writers and musicians we play a hundred not so great gigs a year just to secure a couple of memorable moments; when you live for the road, you take what you can get – and that’s the definition of a tour dog.

Did you know that The Worlds End pub was built on the site of a witch’s house, directly opposite the local gibbet, do you know any Camden trivia?

Hell no, but i’ll be sure to take my friend there who actually practices witch-craft and regularly does Tarot and sigils for me! – Don’t judge me!

Why should I as a gig goer make an effort to see you guys at Camden this year?

The Cult Classics are not just a great band, they’re a great group of people and phenomenal players. The Cult Classics is a bit of a lifestyle if i’m honest. I’m going to be arrogant enough to say that I only work with the best, and at this point in my life why would I settle for anything less? My sister and I always said we’d never work together as it was too cliché, but here we are, years down the line doing what we were clearly supposed to do. Laurie is too good to waste and I got sick of coming home after long tours hearing music that was as good if not better than the music I was currently producing and touring being shut behind a cracked door on the middle floor of our house. She needed to be on the road tearing peoples faces off with great music that she was a huge part of building with me. You know when something is right, and as a world class guitarist, a top graphic designer and a generally switched on human, there was no reason for me to look anywhere else. Laurie found Chris Guyatt (bassist), I found Kev Hickman (former drums, RavenEye) and Tom Mccarthy was always going to do this with me, we played in a band together nearly ten years ago and I just knew he was the right player and personality for the gig.

The Cult Classics are here to stay, and the reason for that is because it’s a band that give a fuck and the show is different every single night of the week. It’s loud, it’s dirty, it can be a raucous beast to behold, but at the heart of it – there’s five dudes who live for the music, play for the song, enjoy the company of the people in-front of them and go to the ends of the earth to compete with the best every night. This band isn’t just about me even though the label on the tin might make you think that; this band is a gang, it’s what a band is supposed to be. If we didn’t love it, we wouldn’t do it, and likewise, if you love music, The Cult Classics is the band for you. Don’t come to the gig just to see me, come to the gig to see some top-class musicianship, some hearty songs old and new (oh yes, there’ll be some old back catalogue stuff from the past) and enjoy some crackin’ choons. The Cult Classics is a band of music fans, playing for music fans.

Camden Rocks Music Festival is on 3rd June 2017 buy tickets HERE


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