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Part of the support for the mighty killers were Hackney 5-piece Sloes. The band have a new EP’All In The Mind’ out now on Fascination Records and kindly took some time out to talk to us at this years BST, Hyde Park.

How did the band begin?

Me (Jerome) and Jo used to know each other years ago, and then I bumped into him years later and we got chatting. I remembered that he played the cello, and I said, ‘Are you still playing?’ He said, ‘Yeah, but I play the guitar mainly,’ I was looking to make a band, so we decided to get together and start writing. I went really well and it got started from there. Katie, Jo’s sister got involved. We went through every drummer and bassist in London and settled on our current set up.

You’ve just come off stage, how was your first BST in Hyde Park?

Really, really fun. We were a bit worried people are going to beeline for the main stage and get to the barriers to see The Killers,  is there going to be anyone to see us, but, we got a good turnout. Sometimes we still feel we play to our parents! Which we do – they are here! We are so happy, people seem to be engaged and interested. That’s all we can ask for. When we were doing our sound check, people were like, we’re coming back at 2pm. People know that we’re here.

Who are looking forward to seeing today?

Out of all the days that we could have played, today has all of our favourite bands. The Killers, Tears for Fears, White Lies. We want to see Mystery Jets as well, but we’ve seen them a couple of times.

You’ve got a big weekend, you release you new EP and support Goldfrapp at Somerset House.

It’s good, it’s exciting. Really looking forward to it. We have the same management as Goldfrapp. We asked actually.  We said is there any chance we could maybe support Goldfrapp. We were surprised, but it has come at the right time. She’s epic, it’s gonna be great.

Tell us about your new EP- ‘All in the mind’

The songs are quite varied in their meaning. I guess we try to write about things that are going on at the time. There’s one song about two sisters growing up together, and their relationship with each other, it’s a true story.  One sister felt like she needed to let go more and she was asking the other sister how to do that. We wrote a song about that called ‘Once in a while’.  ‘Where to start’ is a song about loss and coming to terms with loss. I think it’s fair to say our songs are not generic love songs, there are easy to make, and that’s probably why lots of people make them, but we feel that you can write about all sorts of things.

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