British Summer Time – Interview : Clean Cut Kid

Clean Cut Kid are Mike Halls, Evelyn Halls, Ross Higginson and Saul Godman. They hail from Liverpool and certainly have captured the fine musical heritage of that great city.  We caught up with them at BST Hyde Park.

How has your 1st BST experience been?

‘Great, we got a nice air-conditioned trailer, a free pair of sunglasses each and watermelon!  We’re looking forward to playing later and some cool moves from Saul!’

How did the Clean Cut Kid start?

‘I (Evelyn) was booked to do some vocals for a guy at the end of Olympics Festival, he was playing here at Hyde Park. I think we might have played on the stage we’re playing on today. He introduced me to Mike, they were best friends and mike was writing songs for him. We got set up on a date and one week later we actually came on a date here. So it’s really funny that we’re five years on now. We just started making music together straight away.’

Ross continued ‘Saul was living in the studio, we were recording there. 5 years later, when we were putting the band together,  Mike said we need a bass player, I wanna find that guy. We saw him in the street busking.  I was teaching in a school and used to catch the train with Mike, we talked about bands we like and gave it a go’

‘It happened so naturally, but when we tell the story, it sounds like the biggest whirlwind, romantic movie kind of plot, we just basically all came together.’

What’s been the highlight of the year so far?

‘When we released the album we’d been having a crazy time, supporting Michael Kiwanuka and The Kooks. Think we had 2 days off in 6 weeks. We played the Royal Albert Hall the day the album came out, which was like 2 dreams come true, release an album and play the Royal Albert Hall. All our family were there.  ’

So what are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?

We’ve got another 17 festivals left. Which is a chilled year for us, we did 32 last year. We’re putting a studio together in Liverpool, and moving forward with the next record already. We’ve got our own tour too.’

Tell us a bit about the story behind the new album ‘Felt’

It’s a concept record about a break up. As you kind of get to end of the Aside, you flip over to the Bside and the break up kind of happens in between the two sides. So it’s like pre breakup and post break up. It’s as close to that concept as we could get it. Trying to make an album in a vision is not as easy as it sounds. We see ourselves as an album band in a world of singles. The album thing just doesn’t really exist anymore, does it, so we’re trying to fight for the old school listen to the whole album.’

So what was the first record you brought?

Evelyn ‘Whitney Houston, My love is your love. I remember liking the cover then getting it home and oh my gosh, really getting into Whitney Houston,

Ross ‘I don’t really remember, maybe Phil Collins.’

Mike ‘I had The Beatles ‘Red’ album and Michael Jackson on tape’

Saul ‘First single I brought was Mariah Carey ‘All I want for Christmas is you.’ And the first album I brought was the Lightning Seeds ‘Jollification’

Quick fire questions!

Ringo or George? George

Tea or Coffee? Coffee

Party Rings or Jammie Dodgers? Party Rings